Suggestion for slight tweak to war

Just a thought here, but considering that the ranking system is fairly indecipherable considering whom becomes general, what if faction leaders had an option to select player(s) as generals in their profile screens. Perhaps let us list 1st through 5th or something if we wanted to have the option. Some players love being gen and some hate it. It would add a minor layer of strategy as well.

What do you all think? Vote… Debate…

  • Great idea. Give leaders that option
  • Don’t like it
  • Indifferent

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I thought it was a multiplier of town hall and something to do with your roster. AP on your first five toons? No surprises in my faction.

The main problem is when your general disappears so you can’t retreat. We could do with something to click « I don’t want to be no general » when you sign up.

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This is why I suggested it. Also, we have certain members with a really OP defense (like myself) that prefer to be general but never get it assigned initially.

I really really REALLY want to see your defense now!! :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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I don’t think this is necessary tbh, wouldn’t be against Leads & Co leads being able to nominate generals or being able to edit them, but on piece of paper containing the list of things that need fixing in RTS, this would be scrawled on the back in pencil, with a doodle under it.

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Being ftp on a team with whale-ish players i sometimes want gen and request to hit ms when I get close. The current system is perfect. Just make sure everyone is on before searching and if gonna be afk to pass gen.

Lol. Sure. I ain’t skeered (to quote 90’s t-shirt slogan). No defense is perfect, of course, but I do well with this one.

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nice def

Where is @123 now?

Nice defense

Still working on mine


I would move a Lydia to another line. One line damage could take out both of those w focus.

nice defenses :wink:

Tell them to pass you general. You also may be doing so well because you have a 20% defense bonus from your general lol

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I love that Shieldus in there… I have yet to be so blessed by the Scopely gods.

I always ask for general is not assigned.

I havent run the 2 lydia’s on this team yet. Been using Violet in place of the lower leveled one.

One Lydia has large and the other has huge so hoping they pop at different times.

IMO, its too much yellow so still work in progress

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