Suggestion for remaining T.O.C

Just a suggestion, but I think it will save a lot of grief and allow players to still work together as a region.

All remaining rounds are 4 region crw. Promote the top 2 from each round until the final round.

This will not disupt anything that yall already have, calendar wise, will be the same amount of events left.

If there is an issue as far as recurring match ups, can switch the facs up between the next 2 rounds, then final 4 wont matter as it will be 4 facs anyways.

One more thing, if go this route (or even if you dont lol) please make prizes better.

Agree. Wrote this on the other thread.

Also need to increase player level to 50 to be able to join a war party. Although not sure this is possible unfortunately.

If they make it 4 regions, shouldnt be as much of an issue as feeder factions could face any region, so you could set up a random fac to a free 20 second war… plus not so active facs using burner accounts wouls be punished for no reason… although if they do decide to go 1 on 1 again, i would definitely agree ro a cap.

50 is high, maybe 20 or something unless this was put in place juat for TOC cause we have had to use baby alts before, we dont wait to fill for war, we war non stop and this would hurt us

Maybe 19?

Maybe 18? It is the legal age here in the states

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17 Would be nice too, that seems obtainable

Oh no no no, no jail bait for me friend


Yea just for TOC. With Xp roadmap, getting to 20 shouldn’t be too hard. So I expect players to have something up their sleeves with two weeks time.

if there is grass of the field, play ball!

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