Suggestion for onslaught

There needs to be a way we can tell if we are defending either by a report like in raiding or by simply by listing that we defended

I’d like this, i often watch war logs to see if i defended

I still don’t get why you can attack even after you are dead.

Or why there are no rewards.

Or what the point of it is really.

But it would be good to know who killed me.

I like this as well. Also why are our available lives diminishing each time you send onslaught out? You don’t give us time to do anything. If the coiners want shorter times then let them shut up their whining and wsit for another useless war to come around

Because then everyone would just gang up on one person and kill them to prevent them from attacking and if someone happens to check in after the start and they couldn’t attack then there would be no chance they would purchase energy and then scopes would not make any money.

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