Suggestion for Offers on Gear etc


Whilst you have many offers of gear crates going on at all times of the day, why not boost possible sales on these items by re-evaluating the cost of said gears and using them to a better ratio for sales


Nobody really wants to try for a crate for an alpen stock at 400+ coins. I think its very rare these days that you will get anyone buying these.

What is more likely to sell would be a tier upgrade crate … Where in fact you get ALL the items needed to upgrade a certain trait toon. At a reasonable value set. Its better to lower your prices down and sell more than keep prices high and sell none.


1 flak
1 ~Beanie

4 Alpen Stocks
4 Night vision goggles

1 walkie
1 school bag

for something like 500 coins. The game is too pushed towards 6* characters, we dont want the elite gear, ultra rare is almost dead in the water too, this will help push players into possibly buying anything from you rather than wait 2 weeks for a gear roadmap. which is currently needed every day or 2 days due to excessive level ups


And redo the store. Has anyone ever bought sandpaper or smelling salts from the store? They throw those items in with the offers and say it’s a great deal because you’re getting 1 smelling salt and 1 incense. That is some of the dumbest use of their store space when they could actually sell gear that people would actually buy. Right now the whole section of the store is just taking up space.


Ultra rare gear should be freely farmable from the Washington D.C. side of the world map, more so now as we need to upgrade 5*s for ascendance.


Ill pay 50$ for a canteen and a gps





Stop!!! lol