Suggestion for new event


Its like blitz war but shorter.

3v3 with multiple cues, that way multiple wars can be done by the same faction. This helps many factions who have members who are busy and cant raise the numbers to start the war search.

A 3v3 would be very helpful.

Also, in other wars as well, allow the generals to replace the inactive with the active people in reserves. It doesnt have to be during, but it makes it hard to do war with just 2-4 active people.


This is good but bad imagine the glitches


I like the idea but maybe 4 v 4 and the max amount of wars you can Do at one time is 3.


How about making it even shorter? Call it something like a Regional Raiding Party and load 4 teammates into a lobby and set em against 4 faction bots from a distant region. Give each player a 0:15 cool down from joining again to give other faction members a chance to get in. Could even make it cost one raid energy to load into the lobby like a regular raid. Make prizes based on the combined successes. All 20 still alive pays out a small amount of league tokens to buy gear with and maybe a raid refill, or whatever random event drops are currently active at the time.


This was exactly my thought. Look at how many bugs we have in territories, for instance, even after over a year. This would be much more complex to program and implement.

Not saying it’s a bad idea at all, I just highly doubt it would work.


Yep i agree


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