Suggestion for Level Caps


Most of your crazy fan base/players have already hit level 125 many weeks ago …(me included)

once you reach level 125 there is an odd feeling of emptiness that we get for hyper farming as normal … we do have faction assault tickets which is gravy enough BUT the wasted XP really drains the passion on that extra drive we got when the new Cap was introduced.

There are more important issues that need dealing with first and foremost BUT when there is time, perhaps the guys in Dev can see to raise the cap to 150/200 and only give us the full energy refill for now.

When you do decide to add more rewards into the mix at a future date these can be added retroactively without a problem. It would definitely give me more reason to farm and to buy world refills



I feel like the system that was set up to reward levels 101-125 can easily be propelled to work with levels beyond 125. Scopely, please raise the level caps, those tapes/kits are insanely valuable.

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I actually slowed down my farming just to make the last few levels go slower so I could still feel like I was accomplishing something. That probably only makes sense to me as it certainly shouldn’t make sense in a game with no end



Would love to see them increase it to 150-200.

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Yes pleaseeee…it’s time.:calendar:



Yeah… 124… I slowed down once I hit 120 so that I could avoid that feeling. I hated being maxed for so long.

They should have a rolling reward after lvl 125, you don’t increase in rewards but maybe every 5 levels equivalent you get a nice bonus. 5 kits, tape, 10005s tokens, 500 coins. Something to be like great, at least it’s recognized, but not so overwhelming its all we ever focus on.

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