Suggestion for Food Supplies


with Food becoming a higher factor due to 6* its about time we seen the town map upgraded for more food supplies or at least raise the upgrade parameters to 25…

in Beta, we had our food maximum capacity doubled, something that should have already been implemented with the main game. it is frustrating to get 2,776,000 food only for it to be gone within 5 max level ups of a 6* character then go out and get more food etc.

it would be more beneficial to look to upgrade these components in game


Beta level good camp productions would be a godsend

But why do that when they can charge us £9.49 for a 1 million food “offer”


ceboz no one is buying these offers (Except the very few)

they need to implement a revised look at the games current standing. changes need to be brought forward from 2 years ago


Oh I agree the offers are ridiculous