Suggestion for faction levelups


There’s been a lot of discussion about levelups recently. A lot of people want to focus on faction levelups, but find that the prizes leave a lot to be desired. I think a tweak to how this tournament works might make it more engaging and worth participating/competing:

Have the faction objectives also count toward the individual player milestones.


  • The objectives are laughably irrelevant in solo LUTs, but the faction objectives actually have renown values that would at least not be completely useless, and can add up.
  • They require a bit of faction coordination and teamwork, what faction events are supposed to be about. This would also add a bit of strategy and planning to the faction LUT, which is currently missing and makes it more boring.
  • People are complaining about the availability of 6*T4 gear; this would make them a bit easier to get for active people in active factions without increasing the supply too much
  • Lots of people seem to feel that 2M is too hard to hit, but might be able to be motivated to participate/compete if it works out to only 1.5M
  • Faction LUTs have worse rewards than solo LUTs (somewhat makes sense because they are handed out to thirty players). The would increase the overall expected value of the tournament, without changing the prizes (and circumventing the rich-get-richer effect of having a more top-heavy prize structure)
  • Many players like having the feeling of helping their faction, and therefore like to focus on faction LUTs. The prizes mostly discourage that. This way, those players would see a clearer benefit of spending their resources on faction levelups
  • While the renown points in solo levelups are essentially irrelevant, they are at least a small bonus toward the milestones that you don’t get on faction LUTs. This (combined with the worse rewards) make the faction LUTs, which many people want to play in, objectively a worse choice. This would alleviate this to an extent - you get less prizes, but a better chance at gear for you and your faction.

Potential downsides:

  • This would increase the flow of high-level gear a little, which may conflict with the long-term reward structure planning (but would be nice as a show of good faith to players who seem grumpy right now)
  • Having separate player renown scores and milestone scores might be difficult to implement (adding the objectives to each player’s score would also be possible, but would increase their value to the faction by a factor of 30)
  • This change would still benefit the higher-level factions more than the mid/low-level factions
  • Now that 5* tokens are in the higher milestones, this would increase the 5* token payout for events. If this is a problem, you could go back to elite item tokens for faction LUTs.

(Probably someone already suggested this in the LUT feedback thread; if so, all credits for the idea go to that person)


We want 5s ascendable toons or 6s across the board in all tournies anything else is unacceptable . We have waited long enough let’s get back to the game .