Suggestion for armory pretty easy

It would be nice if you could open a counter for how many parts you already have when you go to craft parts. It has a counter for how many you can craft, but knowing how many you already have would be better. It would save clicking and time.

Maybe make it like workshop?

It’s not a big thing but would make it much less time consuming.

Thanks in advance if you take a second to read devs.


@CombatMan Would this be possible?


would be nice if it was like workshop indeed. you can see it in the armory but its just annoying - you have to click craft and then that popup shows you how much you already have.

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Great suggestion.

Best suggestion on here in a long time.

I really do hope they add it and it’s kinda a simple code to write.


Ya, I’ll log an enhancement for that. Agreed that it should be simple enough to implement. Thanks for the suggestion.


Click on the component you want to create and in the top left you can find the number of copies you already have.

After doing as in the workshop would be more convenient visually.

Combatman, please take a look at your personal message box, I sent the code from my account to you due to error code 11.

Thank you!