Suggestion: Epic and Legendary Difficulty


Create difficulty settings for world stages, namely epic, and legendary, which scale the energy cost per stage accordingly. Epic can be energy x2, and legendary x3, with appropriate changes in item drops and token drops.

Reset World Map

I don’t see money opportunity there, suggestion denied.


Hopefully it’s not too harsh. Lol


Might be nice to have stages to farm which take more energy but gaurentee better drops.


Different difficulty levels are already present. B+ til S1++


I agree, David. As it stands now, the recommended team strength grades can be considered “Normal Difficulty.” My idea is to basically bump all of them by a fixed amount. If world stage 1-1 recommends a “C” grade by default, the proposed Epic Difficulty would scale that to “A,” and Legendary could be something like “S1.” The last world stage(s) would then be respectively and reasonably difficult for teams composed of 6*, and team grades of S5 and higher.

Along with the proposed changes to the difficulty, gear drops could scale as well, with chances for better rated gear (epic and legendary?) and higher token amount drops (perhaps 4*/5*?)

Chances at items/gear (4* and higher) required to progress via farming would drive people to spend on world can offers, etc. This also opens the door for new tutor specialists, who give chances at epic/legendary gear drop crates based on the difficulty setting. Creating a PvE scenario which rewards OP team builds will also incentivize spending, particularly one that is not faction based.

Disclaimer I’m aware that this idea amounts to an overhaul of how world stages work, but something along these lines should be in order, now that 6* have entered the picture, and especially due to the boredom which farming induces currently.

EDIT The roadmap events are avenues toward all of the things I mentioned above, but they are always timed “exclusive” events. The world map needs some love too :wink:


I actually like this idea. With 6*s being the way forward in the game it would be kinda cool to see world stages get a bit of a revamp and scale to them. It would make farming a bit more interesting and better gear drops would be really handy. And with the lack of new world stages being added it might help break up the monotony a little.

I don’t think it’s something that they should do anytime soon though. There just aren’t enough 6*s released yet imo. But in the future, definitely.


Yeah, make it s3 - s3++. Everyone runs s4 upwards. I mean make it even s5. It’s just the same old boring stuff everytime right now.


Already have it, called the later impossible stages of SR, greater chance weapons that proc all the time combined with weaker traits somehow dominating the stronger one


Just make it noob proof so not everyone has the same stuff like now


agreed gho. sr360 here and still going. red guards hit 5k atk yesterday and i think certain zombies up to 10k now.


Not really interested in spending 51 energy a pop.


Fine, then you’re out.

Seems to work.