[Suggestion] Buff attack/defense penalty weapons

Right now the penalty for these effects is a max of -25% attack for three turns and -30% defense for 3 turns.

With the introduction of legendary and the pre-existing buffs that can be applied for defense and attack, I feel like these weapon mods could use a little love.

If they were buffed to 50% with the same duration I think that would at least give them some consideration for use in battle.

@kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan

Edit: This is mostly stemming from a want of more variety in viable options for weapon crafting as well as defense teams. In a world of stat buff leaders something like this might force some people to branch out.




Bring bleed up to 250 while at it

If stacked by the same character, depending of the AR level and the duration of the bleed, that would become devastating, especially with Legn. Barker.

That guy is already a big pain if paired with a double of him. Bleeds the whole enemy team out.

Sounds about right

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