Suggestion: Ascendable Prestige Michonne


Why not make Prestige Michonne ascendable? In the new meta, she offers little to no value and is not an incentive to spend money to achieve higher levels of prestige. If she was ascendable to a GOOD Legendary character, more people would be willing to spend money to get her, and she would be a nice reward to your most dedicated players who have played the longest and/or spent the most to achieve prestige 12. I’d recommend a leader skill similar to Mirabelle’s, offering bonus attack and bonus HP, to differentiate her from Carl.


She’s shit, i used her as fodder on my first group of 6*'s.


Soon as I realized that i’d never get her to be useable, she was food at the first opportunity


I’m so down. I kept her in hopes that they’d give her the 6* treatment.


If you have spent enough to get to prestige 13 I feel bad for you must have a really really bad life lol


She’s definitely earned it solely because she would be the hardest ascendable to obtain (not counting the 5 stars that are not available outside of events). They could make her a total superweapon


if having a maxed prestige account indicates having a really bad life, then i wouldnt want what you consider a good life. gtfo with that nonsense.

and agreed on pichonne. hopefully they give her that shine.


Low on toons bruh , cant happen


What it comes down to is this: why did Scopely implement the prestige system in the first place? There are two options, as I see it:

  1. Scopely wanted to reward their hardcore players for their loyalty and purchases.
  2. Scopely wanted to encourage more spending by offering additional prizes to people who spent more.

As it stands now, Epic Prestige Michonne is not really suited for either purpose. She’s really not worth anything more than ascendance fodder for anyone who has moved into the Legendary meta. By making her an ascendable Legendary prestige character, they restore value to her both as a reward and an incentive.

What about people who sold her or used her for ascendance? Scopely has an easy fix for that. Check all Prestige 9+ players to see if they have her in the inventory. If no, give them a new one. If yes, give them two Benedicts (or Liliths). Everyone is happy.


How about not giving them to those who sold her long ago. If they sold her that’s their fault, they don’t need a compensation for something they choose to do. They don’t spend enough to get her maxed so they wouldn’t even be able to ascend her. The people who sold her are essentially left out, so oh well.

They already stated that they have plans to have 6* variations of 5*, the people who were patient deserve to be rewarded for holding on.


What if you’re no longer playing the region you got prestige michonne in? lots of people have changed, not just sold or ascended


Regardless of how you feel, @Tillymook, it’s better for Scopely to give her out to everyone who could have earned her. If they didn’t, they’d have to field tons of support questions and complaints about her. Giving her back (or two Benedicts to people who held onto her) turns it into an unequivocal win-win and makes all their customers happy. (Of course, they would also need to award some additional gear items to level her up to anyone who used them and then sold her. Since those items have no intrinsic value outside of levelling her up, I don’t foresee this causing any problems.)


I totally agree 100% i know alot of people that aold ger for food even before the 6* came out. I still have mine. But thats the kimd of thinking Scopely needs to really make the players feel wanted and keep playing.