Suggestion : AntiAP Mods

I don’t know if the same idea it’s already give.

What do you think of a trigger mods for AP down.
(to counter weapons and other AP down mods)

Edit: Rectification, i speak about AP down
(sorry, in french we say “Pouvoir d’Adrenaline” => diminution de pouvoir d’adrénaline )

Thus => AP

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What? Like a disarm mod? A mod to block stun guns or block burn mods? I dont understand this post really but if so no, disarm or any kinda anti anything to that degree is a big money maker and cant/wont be given away for free

What does pa stand for?

  • Pennsylvania
  • Personal Accountant
  • Professional Associate
  • ProAbortion
  • father (literal definition)

Could help discuss your argument if you define your acronyms.

Seems like there could be a language barrier issue as well.

Got lazy and Google. Must be one of these.

PA Physician Assistant
PA Public Address
PA Pennsylvania (US postal abbreviation)
PA Purchasing Agent
PA Port Angeles (Washington)
PA Public Affairs
PA Para (Brazil)
PA Pará (Brazilian state)
PA Public Address system
PA Princess Anne (high school in Virginia Beach, Virginia)
PA Public Administration
PA Port Authority (of NY and NJ)
PA Press Association (British National News Agency)
PA Program Administrator
PA Public Assistance
PA Professional Association
PA Point A
PA Parents Association
PA Physical Activity (health)
PA Program Announcement
PA Panama
PA Pay Attention
PA Privacy Act
PA Public Accounting
PA Points Against
PA Power of Attorney
PA People’s Association (Singapore)
PA Personal Assistant
PA Put Away
PA Police Academy
PA Pass Along
PA Political Affairs (journal of the Communist Party of the United States of America)
PA Pre Approval (to adopt)
PA Pan Am (airline)
PA Phillips Academy (Andover)
PA Performance Analysis
PA Palo Alto (California)
PA Prince Albert (Canada)
PA Prince Albert (piercing)
PA Production Assistant (filmmaker)
PA Production Assistant
PA Peace Agreement
PA Program Assistant
PA Paraguay
PA Performance Assessment
PA Pamela Anderson
PA Project Administrator
PA Programmer/Analyst
PA Power Amplifier
PA Power-Amplifier
PA Pascal
PA Palestinian Authority
PA Penny Arcade (webcomic)
PA Protected Area (conservation)
PA Prior Authorization (Pharmacy Benefits)
PA Pale Ale
PA Port Adapter (Cisco)
PA Party Animal
PA Personal Appearance
PA Public Announcement
PA Publishers Association
PA Planning Authority
PA Pulmonary Artery
PA Process Analysis
PA Policy Analyst
PA Pakistan Army
PA Professional Associates
PA Publish America (book publisher)
PA Per Annum
PA Paralegal
PA Polk Audio
PA Plein Air (Quebec)
PA Power Act (gaming)
Pa Pali (linguistics)
PA Paisley (postcode, United Kingdom)
PA Personal Accident (insurance)
PA Performance Appraisal
PA Project Architect
PA Public Appearance
PA Personnel Action
PA Preliminary Assessment
PA Parental Advisory
PA Philippine Army
PA Preferred Alternative
PA Psychoanalysis
PA Process Area
PA Project Accounting
PA Program Access
PA Post-Apocalyptic
PA Bureau of Public Affairs
PA People’s Alliance
PA Plasminogen Activator (biochemistry)
PA Perfect Attendance
PA Problem Analysis
PA Pseudomonas aeruginosa (bacteria)
PA Planet of the Apes (movie)
PA Polyamide
PA Pernicious Anemia
PA Public Aid (Medicaid)
PA Practicing Attorney
PA Project Analyst
PA Patients Association (UK)
PA Penny Arcade (comic strip)
PA Psoriatic Arthritis
PA Punk Ass
PA Peace Arch (US/Canada border)
PA Picatinny Arsenal
PA Playahead (Internet community)
PA Pantothenic Acid
PA Position Angle (astronomy)
PA Plate Appearance (Baseball)
PA Private Adoption
PA Point Analysis
PA Project Assessment
PA Protactinium
PA Protective Antigen (microbiology)
PA Pollution Abatement
PA Persistent Asthma
PA Particle Accelerator
PA Press Agent
PA Personal Adviser
PA Paying Agent
PA Porte-Avions (French, aircraft carrier)
PA Pinkerton Academy (New Hampshire)
PA Private Account
PA Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
PA Plant Air
PA Pax Americana
PA Personalausweis (German: identity card)
PA Processing Activities
PA Preparing Activity
PA Protocol Analyzer
PA Programmatic Agreement (USACE)
PA Posterior Anterior (radiology)
PA Predictive Analysis
PA Project Agreement
PA Product Assurance
PA Palermo, Sicilia (Italian province)
PA Precision Approach (avionics)
PA Pressure Altitude
PA Power Automation
PA Policy Article (medical policy)
PA Production Agency
PA Property Administrator
PA Phantom Assassin (gaming)
PA Preventative Action
PA Preferred Address
PA Proanthocyanidin (flavanol class)
PA Permit Authority
PA Prohibited Areas
PA Prednisolone Acetate (eye medication; usually followed by %)
PA Polyacryl
PA Personal Alarm
PA Partial Agreement
PA Political Agent (Pakistan)
PA Peer Advisor
PA Personal Agent
PA Public Attorney
PA Partner Association
PA Pathologists’ Assistant
PA Planetarion (online game)
PA Performance Assurance
PA Pension Adjustment
PA Pressure Alarm
PA Proxy Agreement
PA Precision Attack
PA Pending Availability
PA Programming Assistant (campus residential officer)
PA Post Adjutant
PA Program Authorization
PA Propionic Acidemia
PA Principal Administrator
PA Pilote Automatique (French: Autopilot)
PA Project Authorization
PA Proponent Agency
PA Project Audit
PA Privacy Advocate
PA Perfect Attack (gaming, Dance Dance Revolution)
PA Prosecution Attorney
PA Pastoral Assistant
PA Privatization Agency
PA Producing Ability (breeding)
PA Public Audio
PA Proof Assistant
PA Parliamentary Assistant (Ontario Government)
PA Pooling Administrator
PA Pepper-Ann (TV show)
PA Professional Audio System
PA Participatory Appraisal
PA Production Acceptance
PA Proton Affinity
PA Passenger Address
PA Picoampere
PA Procurement Army
PA Partido Arnulfista (Arnulfista Party, Panama)
PA Paper Advance
PA Project Arrangement
PA Physical Affair
PA Programmed Amount (USACE)
PA Provider Assigned (IP address space assigned to a specific provider by IANA)
PA Pastoral Administrator
PA Performing Activity (CEFMS)
PA Professor’s Assistant
PA Passenger Announcement (airlines)
PA Progressão Aritmética
PA Perverted Ass
PA Payroll Area
PA Pierce Armor (Age of Kings game)
PA Procurement Authorization
PA Physician’s Association
PA Photoinduced Absorption
PA Polar Air Mass
PA Procurement Appropriation
PA Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Lectin
PA Position Approximate
PA Pride Africa (Herndon, VA)
PA Parti de l’Action (French: Action Party, Morocco)
PA Pre-Auditing
PA Paulus Apostolus (Apostol Paul)
PA Parapsychological Association, Inc (Petaluma, California)
PA Pre-Arbitrated
PA Payload Accommodations
PA Product Accumulate (linear code)
PA Preplaced-Aggregate (concrete)
PA Perforate Artery (Darke Age of Camelot game)
PA Premier Agendas, Inc. (US)
PA Pass-through Applications
PA Putt and Approach (disc golf)
PA Physical Abuse/Assault
PA Peano Arithmetics
PA Produktaansprakelijkheid (Dutch: product responsibility)
PA Perverts Anonymous
PA Pokémon Aaah! (website)
PA Paralyzed Age (band)
PA Platinum Aero (band)
PA Process Allocator
PA Patronato Antialcohólico (Guatemala)
PA Prune Agar
PA Plaza Automotriz (Guatemala car dealer)
PA Paniagua y Asociados (Guatemala, consulting agency)
PA Position Adaptivity
PA Procurement Aide/Assistant
PA Paramedic’s Assistant
PA Persisting to an Older Age
PA Program Account/Allocation
PA Purchasing Aide/Assistant
PA Passive Aggressive (behavioral health)
PA Pregnancy-Associated

Wth…I don’t even understand half these threads lmao. May as well said: lleps tnac i…square or rectangle?

i hope to achieve your forum stature one day.

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Use the contextual clues. PA diminution is AP down.


This should have been a poll so we could vote on what we thought OP was saying.


Or, we could try to not make fun of people who don’t speak English natively and still try to communicate here.


AP down mods exists does it not?

So…what OP is suggesting is… mod resist mods?


Yes, he’s suggesting a counter to AP down mods and weapons.

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ah yes. I agree with the idea. there is a resist for everything else

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Clues? Where? Not everyone is Sherlock.

Oh no ap down resist mods please! My team is heavy on ap down and ap drain mods lol :hugs:

How about absolute defense bypass mods, i just looooooove doing 0 damage hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit :angry:

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“to counter weapons and other pa diminution mods”

Knowing that ‘dimunition’ means small/low/down, what weapon AND mod effect are they likely talking about?

PA: “puntos de adrenalina”

Lmfao Wanderer you crack me up

Hell to the no on AP down resist.

I struggled hard to figure it out. So went with satire.


Thank you. I will need to request an update to that site I pulled the list from.

on topic

Not sure if I’d put a AP down resist on my toons or leave them with control ability resists. Honestly might make sense.

lol good joke +1

I select :
PA Pokémon Aaah! (website)

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