Suggestion and feedback to new players

Anyone have anything to say to new players who stumble upon this forum? Maybe about how things used to be before ascension- prizes, event lineups, etc. Or some advice on how supoort/mods/ vk/ etc. Treat their player base? Anything and everything you think they should know.

Yes, I always tell them first “they are taking the hobbits to isengard gard gard gard” and “leave now and never come back back ack ack”




Get out while you can.


You can check out anytime you want… but you can never leave…


Get Out From Here
Uninstall the Game
Never Go Back and Look Back


this should be the best advice … lol


My advice to all new players


For real though…I guess I’d recommend being really nice and asking some of the top factions in global chat for Merc spots. A failure in war still gets points and still gets rewards at the end. And even a week old account can take towers from the walkers and stack a taken tower.

That will give a new player a jumpstart on the world maps, which get hard to do with 3* at around stage 6, The Bridge

Hit boot camp as hard as possible to level up and increase your energy, get refills, and open up SR. You want Zeke from SR as soon as possible, you can get him in about 3 months. Make use of SR tournaments to get extra SR markers.

Get every refill from the depot, an easy source of points are persona trainers, which aren’t super useful otherwise.

Stick to the first few TG courses for level up fodder. Level up at least one to 11 to unlock Special Training, which you can use to bank about 150k food and 45 survivors at a time. This allows you to store food and survivors for when you need them.

Go for raider / defender level 2 in the armory early on, the stat boosts are very helpful.

Save up your Depot points and Benedicts for a blue Ty, who you’ll ascend when you can.

A lot of these tips are situational, but that’s what I’d tell a new player.


Yeah anyone starting new nowadays should just stop its not worth the grind or money


Lmao i say the exact same thing. Dont bother

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Just leave.

My wife asked about thia game, thinking she would find a new f2p game to subsist her boredom…

I told her while I am still playing because of my depth and time spent with colleagues online, I would actively deter anyone else from falling to the trap like myself. I should have stayed retired from pre-war days but foolishly came back hopeful.

Fool me twice, shame on me.


I used to laugh and tell my friends to download it when they asked what I was playing and join my region but that was before 6*s were introduced…

I’m telling this to New players. Old players is hard to leave yes. But New… Just ruuuun, Forrreeeest

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Has happened to me before several times in the past. Today I just couldn’t deal with any pleas/begging for me to stay. Just left my line chats and faction without saying anything and changed my game name to retired so they know the reason why. Hate it had to be that way, but it is what it is.

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Agreed. I’d likely have moved on long ago if the game was single player

Geez… That’s rough. Sorry that had to happen, man.


@rev_brantley You’ve only dipped your toes in, as the other have mentioned, get out while you can … Because in 2 years time all you’ll have left is a Prestige 12 account, an armoury full of failed 4* weapons, serious credit card debt and all those 6*'s that you worked and possibly spent so much for will (in the next two years) all of a sudden become obsolete within two weeks of 7* toons being released.

Uninstall this game and enjoy life… Good Luck!

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My advice would be:

“Have you considered Heroin, Crack or Meth instead?”

If you become a traditional junkie and then manage to pull yourself out if some people will at least appreciate that. Nobody respects a present/former phone game junkie.

If you are creative/artistic you might actually have some drug fueled creative break through.

At least the people you are indulging your addiction with will be face to face and something resembling an actual community (rather than a Line group or faction chat) some of whom you might even be able to bang.

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My advice to new players would to prepare your wallets, credit cards, and money paks because you’re gonna need it to survive in this game.