Suggestion: Allow maxed unascendable 5* to be re-rolled

I know this is unlikely to be heard but I’d like throw the idea out there.

I’m sure many of you have a lot of maxed or near maxed unascendable 5*s (that you have used for the continuous LU events) in your roster. They take up roster space and it feels bad (at least for me) to fodder them after spending that much resources to level them up.

So why not give the ability to re-roll them for an ascendable 5*? So they have other uses other than taking up roster space or used as fodder.

My suggestion:
If a 5* is maxed and is currently unascendable, they can be placed in the tower and re-rolled for another 5*. The new 5* starts at level 1 and is taken from the pool of 5* s of the same color and is the same 5* pool for ascending 4* s. It will have the same cost as a 4* ascension (50k silver medals) but won’t need 8 fodders to “ascend”.

What I hope this achieves:

  • A use for unascendable 5*s
  • More fodder to compete in LU
  • Another means to obtain usable ascendables (like eric and donnie).
  • an alternative to leveling 4*s which is such a resource sink and doesn’t yield a lot of points in LU

Cool idea its like reverse ascension lol. I typically only get rid of dupes since you never know whats gonna be ascendable so i dont feel to bad using as fodder. But this would be cool.

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I actually like this idea. I have probably 50 or more maxed 5*s that are not ascendable, but don’t have the likes of a Donny. I have plenty of reds I would love to toss in to try for him (instead of leveling 4s)

Awesome idea

This is a really good idea

Need a way to monetize it though, without fodder medals are not enough. It should cost coins too or some stupid new resource we’d have to drag our asses over broken glass to acquire (or buy in an RNG crate, of course).

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Good idea, so finally I can re-roll all my 5* Douglas and Claw-Ricks… errr wait a moment!

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Actually is one of the best ideeas ever. Scopely, hire this man!

i mean its not that bad but if scopely would do this you will mostly get toon such as Evasion red rick, gator, jessie or harlan

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Of course, you’d only want to use maxed dupes for risk of that unascendable 5★ suddenly becoming ascendable…

Let remort be a thing. Ascend any 5* and if it doesn’t have a 6* form it reverts to level 1 t1 but with boosted stats. Do it 3-4 times to get stats near Gen 1 6* stats

Definitely. I would also only use dups as well. Dups are plentiful in this game lol.

They would have to make it by prefix that is found underneath the name. Like for example you use a lori “made to suffer” you will only have access to characters with the same prefix like rick “made to suffer”. this would limit the rng and pretty much every person with a prefix has more than 1 ascendable. The prefix with the most rng would be the “road to survival” prefix. It will have a bunch of ascendable and a bunch of trash as well so they can monetize it there. That way it wont feel like a toned down version of ascension.

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