Suggestion about War - Cans to MVP


Why war cans to MVP?

Sometimes, it’s very hard to get MVP in war. Raid cans are better than war cans. Guys, what do you think about it? Raid cans to MVP


It’s harder to get 2nd place than MVP.


Raid cans are better than war cans


I think Raid Can should be rather added to the War Can for the MVP because it’s not easy to be a MVP:thinking:


I’d rather have war cans for MVP, much better


Doesn’t encourage team playing to give away war cans to MVP. Particularly if you aren’t a whale faction with identical teams.

A war can should be given to each person on the winning team who scores points. Or at the very least more than the MVP - maybe top three.


No way, raid cans are 100 coins and can be gotten from the depot for 100 points. War cans can only be dropped in war OR bought for 200 coins each (excluding boxes)


I’d rather run out of raid cans than war cans. Let’s not mess with their supply…



Cans should be more available.

But don’t mess with mvp.


Um no we can’t get war cans from depot and there is 1 scav with a 2day mission for 1…don’t mess with it. Bad enough drops are horrid


i think the count should vary, war cans only, 3 to mvp, 2 to 2nd 1 to 3rd, raid cans for 4/5/6, world for 7/8. i cant find a war can to save my a** this war. drops have not been good for me.


No i need more war cans always! screw Raid cans


I prefer world cans over raid tbh I know a lot of others do as well. I do agree tho that it wouldn’t hurt scopely to reward cans to more then top 3. More then anything tho can drops are absolutely horrible. There was a point I was getting at least the can I used back and most the time a 2nd. Last 3 wars I have ended with way less then what u started with. I used to get cans a lot from towers as well and now that’s maybe 1 out of 6or7 I get a can there.


Second is harder to get :cry:


War cans way more valuable than raid cans. You can skip raid tournies. You hurt your faction Everytime you don’t use a can. I know every faction has those.


MVP should stay war cans because you need to use multiple to win it usually. They’re definitely more valuable than the other cans. With that said, my next point…

You guys saying war cans should be given away easier will probably crucify me for saying this but I don’t care…

Win towers, ghost towers, cans drop.



Maybe have the MVP get a war and raid can. 2nd war can only, 3rd raid, 4th world. I try for 2nd all the time because I have 300+ war cans without buying any. Was over 400 raids, down to 100+. I’m bleeding those hard as I never get them in the depot anymore.


Not always true boom…I always go for towers and we started ghosting last war and boom nothing. I normally do between 200k-300k in crw pretty easy but last few I’ve been can locked due to cans be used more then dropping. At times I went 2 battles with not 1 drop unless I won mvp.


Or ya know a battle chest can actually drop war cans like they need to instead of basic tokens and 2* burts


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