Suggested tower change

Just wanted to suggest a simple tower change that would get rid of cheesy use of the tower mechanics, such as ghosting, etc. I will admit that I have taken advantage of the way tower mechanics work in the past. The way I see it there is a flaw in their design that is just now coming to the surface as players are getting more and more experienced with the game. But theres an easy fix.

I think that this fix would clear up any exploits of the tower mechanics: when a tower is controlled by a team and it is abandoned, instead of having it go to walkers, have the tower go to the opposing team. No more ghosting, no more abandoning towers and retaking them from walkers. Just a simple quality of life fix. Thoughts? Or are people generally happy with tower mechanics as they are?

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I think the way towers work now is fine.
People need to get fast to get them and we don’t have to put a defense team inside to keep it since war refills are so rare.
Towers ghosting is interesting because retake them with the timer limit is a real challenge in the fight. Designated players deal with it.

I’m fine with the way they are. People try in my region but we just target down their fast guy. I try it and tbh even if you miss it’s a nice source of free cans.

Fair enough, I don’t think its a game breaking issue, but I do think it would be a slight improvement if towers were tweaked in this way. In my opinion towers are OK the way they are, but they would be better if such mechanics didnt exist. Just a personal opinion.