Suggested LU Milestone Changes - An Expanded Gear Depot

After reading this post, I would like to give my input on how to improve the milestones.
Here are my suggestions:

  1. Instead of giving gear crates for milestones, introduce a higher variant of gear markers.
    For the sake of this post, I’ll refer to them as “Legendary Gear Markers” or LGM. These markers are unattainable elsewhere aside from rewards from tournaments.
  2. Replace the top 4 slots in the gear tab of the supply depot. Like other gear, it refreshes everyday and can qualify for sales (regular, super, extreme). The gear here are for 6* toons and are only purchasable via LGM.
  3. Depot pricing is debatable, but the idea is 4th milestone give enough to purchase knife sheaths, gloves, etc. 5th milestone gives enough for watch/radio, and 6th milestone gives enough for hockey masks, holsters, etc.Canteen and GPS are also purchasable but need to hit 2M 3 or 4 times to get enough LGM.

Please pardon my noobish photo editing skills. I tried to illustrate the idea the best I can.

The benefits I see:

  1. We aren’t locked to a specific gear in the tournament, and we aren’t at the mercy of the RNG crate. Sure the depot also has RNG, but we have more control. Since we can see what we purchase and decide when we purchase.
  2. Gives access to guaranteed GPS or Canteen (depending on what we need) but at the same time isn’t easily attainable. You still need to hit milestones. (again exact numbers are debatable, just want to present the idea).
  3. Gives purpose to the 4 gear slots in the depot. It’s very unlikely the people actually purchase these easily farmable gear.

Thanks for bothering to read lol.


Good idea.