Suggested addition to league store



With the new league store, the majority of players I have spoken to only have interest in purchasing gold mods and the 50/50 mod boxes, with the pricing being much higher for the gear.

Does anyone think that other additions to the store could make league rewards more impactful? There are two rewards that I think would be very useful to everyone:

  1. Roster Space- with the rise in the number of 6* characters, we need more space to be able to collect characters

  2. Ascension Medals/Medal Bags- similar to roster space, some people have a large number of Benedicts and 5* ascendables but lack a reliable way to acquire enough medals

Any other suggestions?


Maybe add Benedicts to the League Character Store.


Metal Cutters and Crude Bronze


a company that cares they could add a koa to the season store though


Lilith. Add Lilith. Lots of her.


They don’t and they won’t.

Koa is by far the worst shield but he would be better than nothing. He should have been made a guaranteed contest reward by now along with a reviver. The balance between the f2p and the p2p has all but been shattered and unless they do something right quick there is no coming back from this.


that why they should add him to the league store but will they no because they are mother freakin scipely


They won’t add him to the league store because they want you to pay real $ for him or have to get that .01% chance roll in an event wheel.

They don’t give out the good stuff for free. Ever.


Do you want people that have 3 revives already to have a tower team with 3 in as well


Is not the point of the game… depot all 3 and 4 stars
save some 5 starts that are ascendable
leave all other 5 stars at T3 lvl 70
Focus on 6 stars


we will proably only get one and if we get a revie it will be one with it as an active we already have a shield people won’t pull for


I agree!


active revive is OP so thats a no.

f2p would most likely get a revive under the following conditions:

  • a dmg dealer so it would be bad on defense
  • 85 ap rush (highest for a 6* SO FAR!)
  • Lead skill all melee/range teammates get huge bonus when taking damage and 40 attack (having any specialst would make it somewhat decent, this lead skill is pretty sht imo)
  • there would be a p2p character that is similar and far superior
  • scopely would also create an active skill or rush that gives team mates decap for 2 turns. (to completely and utterly counter it)


And miss out on good points at 5 Star tier 4.


Is not the point of the game


its a waste of gear, this is why people have no night vision goggles left. if not ascendable then leave at T3 lvl 80


Like I said, and miss out on good points. I know a lot of people who have more than 200 of every 5 star gear, pretty sure they can spare some.


Maybe if youre short on 6 stars you might need them. With all the constant level ups and all the 6 star toons avaliable, 5 stars are usless and a waste of gear, trainers, scavenger camps and time.


Which is your opinion, stop trying to make it look like a fact since there are still good 5 stars out there.


The Zeke is fairly good maybe we get better characters next Season but always hold no hope :slight_smile: