Suggest about trading characters and weapons ?!?

But how he have it so fast I mean did he collect lot of tokens or save coins ?! Because chance for some of them is 0.2 or 0.8 :thinking:

No telling. Could be great luck, or could be money.

Day one player. This has been brought up since the game started. No matter what price(cash, coin, SD points) this is never going to happen. Ever.
But looking forward to the thread in a month or two where someone else brings up their great idea for in game trading…

Okay :slight_smile:

I don’t wanna see noobs begging everyone to give them something because “I’m new and cannot beat anyone, please help me” and also I don’t wanna see 50 premiers being sold 10mins after being released (meaning vk, cheaters and whatsoever). Such an idea will never be implemented to the game. PERIOD.

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If u still like the game and want to continue to do so I highly suggest leaving this forum and not looking at it again. There is tons of negativity here and it will effect your enjoyment of the game

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Trading with people is a big NOOOOO. What they should allow is, for you personally, to trade in 4 unneeded 6*s for a chance at whatever wheel they wanna put up for “trade ins”.

I would love to be able to give up my extra yellow negans and my winter Richards I will never use for a chance at something I COULD use. Trading between players is a big no. Exploits, whales giving f2p faction members whale teams, etc. would happen and just too much crap that could be wrongfully used.

How about I trade in 8 of my 6s for a wheel that grants me one of: new doc Steven’s, Zachary, Alice, Raven, new Negan, etc. That seems very fair even if you give up 8 6s for 1 5* actually useful toon.

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Make sense actually :blush:

I always wondered why they don’t have something like this at least so factions could help each other. I get this idea and don’t think its bad. Maybe needs refining as to how, but its not a bad idea. On Jurassic tribes, another game I play, they let team members give each other rations, troops, medical supplies. I don’t see why this game couldn’t do the same or something similar. This is a good idea!

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