Suggest about trading characters and weapons ?!?

Hello everyone I’m new in this forum but I play the game for one year and more and I love it. I see how they create and make new events and characters (and many different things) So I’ve think for something amazing where can everyone be bit happy and more attractive. My idea is the team on “Walking dead road to survival” to create now supply depot or something like event WHERE WE CAN TRADE OWN CHARACTERS AND WEAPONS FOR WHAT AND HOW MUCH WE WANT (Coins,equipment for heroes also for rmory) ?!?!
I hope you get my idea .Thanks ^^

Pls don’t be rude with the comments ^^

Can you really make me more attractive? I’d come back for that.

Trading will kill the game faster than scopes intends. Wont happen, but welcome to the forums!

No trades, ever. Thanks :slight_smile:


there is to much chance of players doing cheating and exploits with this so no i will say trading is a bad idea for the game


An enhanced supply depot directly for the sake of character purchasing could work. It’s almost certainly to be exploited. But if toons are given “x” value upon trade in and toons have “y” value for purchase. All system based it could work. However, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there was a block on “recent” promos being eligible for purchase.

I have shown how trading could work before, and yet nobody acknowledged it.


Trading would not work ever, bad idea, no trades please.

Why not ? But people cheat and progress faster from another people and also … do you know how much is chance to have luck to open 5 or 6 star hero 0.2 or 0.1 so you want to tell that is okay … also is not bad idea because you will trade 3 or 4 * heroes which you need for Museum for example or to make different teams… I don’t see such thing end the game :^/

Except I showed exactly how trading could work.

Trading is gonna be people begging for characters. And vk hackers giving randoms OP six stars and breaking the game. Trust me. I play games to where beg for you to just give them a legendary item (item of high value) for nothing.

Knowing scopely, the trade in value will be as poor as that of a Gamestop :joy::joy:


So to protect them game more better then… -_- I know they is a tons of people cheaters … But…

You it will be. If it were 50-75% I could accept that as fair. But it’d be closer to 20%.

so you want it to be a easier time for player to cheat and exploit with trades :crazy_face:

Lol. Imagine a Lvl 2 with an S10 team lol

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Why to be eaasy? You didn’t know how can be created this all thing if that s happen , to start talking about the procent % where they give for everything where you open? Or rest where they cheat or idk how you can take new character and to max him for one day… -_- it’s just idea which can be moderated?

You don’t get the idea how you will make this when you not in this rank ? … I talk about to trade people depending on them rank and level…-_-

Haha that would be awesome. Then we could have more actives for wars.

this is very easy to do this and it is not a cheat

For example you are level 5 and you are s1 but you make bad decision about Hero so you will open that trade market and will show you that heroes where they trade and you can buy or switch for something else what they require. Everything is how they will make it the moderators on the game :slight_smile: