Substitutions in war


I’m not sure if this has been discussed but I feel it would be good if, as a reserve, you could still take part fully in war. This could be done by “substituting” a non participating player after ten minutes of them not attacking.
As we know it can be difficult to get to fill wars sometimes and often those with a seat have gone to the land of nod.



That’s actually a really good idea. For some reason in my faction there is always one or two at least that are in the war but are not around and theres is active members watching and waiting for it to be over so they can join the next time. I hope someone from scopely take this on board.


Agree with this. I’d like a system where if both generals agree, an inactive player could be replaced by a reserves. You could also put a “move to reserves” button while a team is searching, so that a player could move THEMSELVES to reserves if they are falling asleep or something unexpected comes up, without having to cancel the entire war and start over.


Good idea as long as the player has not participated in the war - swap them out.


Interesting idea, but I can’t see a winning general allowing a losing general the opportunity to remove a nil scorer and substitute an active reserve.


The winning general has no say on who is present, still facing the same number of opponents. Just gives opportunity of a decent fair fight which I’m sure we all want or am I misunderstanding your point?