Subscription to survivors club active, but not working

I just paid for the subscription for the survivors club today, but I am not able to get the benefits from it? My iOS device tells me that I am active for the subscription, but when I go in game it says that I have “to join” in order to get the benefits. But, I already have and paid for it as well. I’ve contacted the company behind the game with no response back as of right now. I was wanting to know if anyone could potentially know a fix? This is a bit frustrating, thank you.

Good. Maybe you shouldn’t subscribe to such a terrible service next time.

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Lol thank you, yeah I can see that. I’ve basically shot myself in the foot. They still haven’t responded back… their service is terrible

Relax, and try clearing the cache. Ignore the trolls. Lol

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Lol well I appreciate you taking the time to respond. How would I go about doing that? I do enjoy the game, but I would like a fix for this xD kinda of a deterrent to play the game.

Got to your phone settings, storage, and scroll down till you see clear cache.

If that doesn’t work, go to your email, take a screenshot of your subscription purchase, and send it to Scopley support so they can fix it. My subscription works perfectly, so yours should too.

Thank you for your help.

You’re welcome.

Go to shop in game and open the subscription chest. This has what you need to unlock the roadmap.

What subscription chest? Lol stop trolling the guy.

This one. It really isn’t obvious that you have to… 1) go to store
2) collect bag
3) use radio to unlock roadmap
4) run roadmap
5) open reward bags to get comics
6) wait 16 weeks to collect enough to actually make Andrea usable

If you have two accounts with same iTunes/store
You can only use one for sc

Really? Lmao.

Well my bad. :confused:

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