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We all love polls so let’s have this one - knowing now that the comic maps will be weekly, average drop rates and how many, roughly, it’s going to take to level up Andrea - are you keeping your subscription or cancelling?

Feel free to comment as well so this thread stays on top of the list so our beloved developers can see it.

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They’ll c it buddy they just don’t care

oh I know, i just hope it hurts their eyes.

Lmao I hope so

Talk is cheaper

i aint paying those scums income.


How about option for never subscribed and not going to lol

Wasn’t going to get it anyway .

I’m probably staying subscribed for a month and I’ll see

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Already cancelled mine… it’s going to take so long to max her out she will be outdated by the time we get to use her. Same issues as with Tara in FA.

I hit cancel but never subscribed, but I like polls and wanted to fit in :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Even without the screwup (which was correctly fixed) this subscription is a JOKE. $25 a month for 4s toons! Armory crafting still requires DT and PK, so nothing.

They value their pixels way more than their customer base.

Would love to see the number of subscriptions that are active 8 days from now and again 1 month from now after people realize they forgot to cancel it.


I’ll stay on for 1 month. I’m hoping for more than just a weekly comic collection roadmap.

If value does not persist, I will unsubscribe.


Ditto…huck approves this message.

Personally, I wasn’t even going to KEEP subscribed. Reach day 5 I would have cancelled the subscription. No offence, but I don’t spend on games to get shortcuts or be on top… unless it is DLC. Nothing wrong against ■■■■■■■■. If it makes you happy, who cares?

Only getting in for the Andrea.

Should join free su. At end of roadmap cool down so u can double dip after reset.

Already cancelled mine, so pissed off with them now.

I’ll wait a month & see what the reports are like in relation to how many comics you can get each month as I strongly suspect it’s going to be vastly lower than the 6/7 every week people seem to be expecting.

If it is better than I suspect I can always sign up again, if I’m still playing.

Waiting for three things. For the issue with Andrea to fix itself. Second, for the new radio and new roadmap to be one day away to be reset. Gonna play for five days then unsubscribe myself. Third… well, for a human shield premier toon to appear so I can get free shots each day at him/her :smiley:

Um… isn’t that right now?