Sub issue not “fixed”


@JB.Scopely I thought this was fixed bud?


This isn’t the only one either I’ve seen and heard of multiple andreas who weren’t reset. It’s not our job to find out the names of each and every one @JB.Scopely let’s just have another rollback! It’s only fair :)) do your job thanks!




Hahaha omg :joy:


kill him𓀃


Easy fix, reset them all again, and don’t provide any compensation. Pretty sure everyone would like that :roll_eyes::scream:

Just stay subscribed, you’ll get them comics eventually…:sleeping:


I quit my subscription after they reset her I know it’s coming in a couple months her fully legit leveled, and that’s when we should face her. Closing the topic and labeling it as “fixed” and deleting replies to the forum is bs when she’s still lurking around fully leveled.


Bumpppity bump


More to Decap with Alpha :smiley:


Saw this during last crw. Tier two lvl 60 six star. Either they didn’t get reset or they bought comics from vk


Yeah, I got really lucky on the roadmaps for my one week sub, but still only got enough to t3 her 5* version. Just another one that will sit in my roster like prestige Michonne. By the time I could level her, she was worthless…


Yessir collecting dust now as we speak


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