Stupid war start times


What possessed you guys to start war at this time? Stupidest idea in history half of the u.s guys are sleeping. Unfair to half the regions… dumb dumb dumb. That is all.


Half of the players are from the EU and we always get the finger. Now feel it once yourself :slight_smile: but yeah its silly.


Lmao, you always get the better end of start times. Stop bitching.



best globe ever


LOL. Im the uk. Dont make assumptions (:


Désolé mais pour une fois c’est cool . Merci scopely


You do realise on a normal CRW weekend war would be happening at this time anyway…?


Don’t cry everytime you guys from us are privileged with crw

Now, its our turn :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m from Asia and war always starts 2am… yet we never said anything or made any thread about it lol this is the first time war has started at this time so you all go nuts over it


I have no problem with the start time and understood that Scopely did this for the international players . I hope Scopely does this more often for them. Oh btw I’m in the USA expressing my view. Only thing I dislike about this CRW is the crappy rewards.


part 1 started 9 pm my time part 2 started 6 am and i live in Canada lol i got it double bad


There was no reason for the “halftime” break and without it there would have been no bizarre start time. The rewards for both events barely exceed what the normal format CRW provided. This just returns us to less than 48 hours war over the weekend.


im all for rotating start times in the interest of fairness, but this split thing kinda sucks


Only reply needed :joy::joy::joy:


There are 24 timezones, so you are complaining for 1/6 of those. When you take population into account the US doesn’t even come close to the potential player base for this, or any, game.


Honestly i liked this way of doing CRW very much. The 14h break gave us all time for a rest and do some family stuff. I was not complaining about the normal format, but the split CRW is a nice variant.


If war runs 24 hrs does any one timezone benefit more than another?

Always such silly sqwauking.

War has to have a start time after all.


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