Stupid compensation and p2p weap

I was expecting more energy cans but no Scopely always gives us scraps for the inconveniences we did in THEIR GAME. But I expect them to be greedy still so good job Scopes.

As for this one at least make it like the Beta stash. But I know that you need to make revenue to make the game worst than it used to be. Good luck Scopes and again may you make the game worst than it used to.


Im dont receave thins cans at now

The funny thing is the whales that buy those weapons are actually at a disadvantage, while they may get a focus stun gun lets say, they have only 3 upgrade slots, if you start from 4* you have 6 upgrades and you can tell if those weapons are VK weapons cause those 5* weapons only allowed 3 upgrades but let them get milked :milk_glass: more money than brains :man_shrugging:

I don’t understand the 6 upgrades thing.

You can turn 4* weaps into 5* ones.

You can do that with any 4* weapon, even one that already has 3 crafts done on it.

If you turn the 4* into a 5*. it keeps its current stats/traits as its new base value, so the bonus from the three crafts stays.

You can then do three more crafts, for a total bonus of 6 crafts (Special effect, epic effect, AP, and +15 to a stat for example).

Get a 5* weapon directly, and you can only do 3 crafts. Even if special and epic are what you want already, the best you can do is AP and +10 to a stat. So the best possible upgraded weapon is better than the best possible bought 5* weapon (right now).

The upside is that it is easier to reset and craft the perfect weapon if it starts at 5* with the special/epic that you want.

Thanks. Good info and explanation. Sounds dumb on implementation that a 5* weapon is potentially worse but whatever.

They should add the 5* into the 4 star wheel. Instead of giving them shitty 5* recruits chance. Instead of 93% and 7% it can either be 70% and 30% Or 50% 50%

I agree. But it will take forever to implement that especially with Scopely. Let’s keep on surviving.

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Research and all those crafting to get the modification u want takes too muchh time

While im researching, i bought a few 5* weapons to play with, gonna take a few weeks anyway. Right now i like this rebar weapon. Just add huge ap and
Ur good to go

By the time people are crafting 5* from 4*, scopely will probably come out with better 5* premier weapons lol

But yeah scopely should look at the premier weapons and improve the current offerings if they want to get more sales revenue.

Why? You prove otherwise, they have no incentive to improve anything.


I think they will in the next months, not a coincidence they started to sell weapon tokens. I’m already saving some of them.

Im sure more people will buy more if the 5* weapons offered were better. Ill pull more for sure

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