Stunned while Rushing

So I got Naya from the store and finally got to the point where I can test her out in some duels and stuff and noticed that she sometimes gets stunned when she uses her rush vs. Reds. Curious to find out if this is how it has always been.

Its 2 Basic attack rush … they are acceptable to all ailments from enemies


If the rush description states makes X attacks they are venerable to stun, impair, reflect etc.

If the rush description states deal X damage they are immune.


Ahh. Gotcha. Thanks for the replies. Never had a multi attack AR toon before, so I wasn’t sure how it worked.

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so is the stun able to stop the rush? instead of 2 attacks she makes one and gets stunned? dont have such toons.

Yes. It stops the second attack if the attacking toon gets stunned.

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Anyone notice what happens if you hit green Rick, I assume if he confuses anyone is fair game for next hit.

Haven’t come across green Rick on defense yet. Ever.

Multiple attack rushes have advantages and disadvantages.

Due to them being normal attacks with increased strength they can trigger events that happen during normal attacks.


Able to Crit (x1. 5 dmg)
Weapon effects (stun atk, double atk, etc)
Specialist effects (neatralize)
Can move to new target after kill


Mods (reflect)
Weapon effects (stun def, abs Def, etc)
Specialist effects (indomitable, berserker, etc)

(**indom/berserk also trigger after rushes, but in the case of multi atk they trigger per hit, reducing effectiveness of each subsequent atk and can leave huge bonuses)

Trait advantage (x2. 0 dmg) exists for both multi-atk and rushes, so is not included above as it’s just always there.

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Hate when I try to use blue Dwight against a red and he gets stunned after first hit. Happens.

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Haha I’ll take that over reflect mods killing my toon. Guess atleast both usually die when this happens but damn it’s irritating.

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Indomitable and Berserker procs even on regular AR, not just multi-attack.


True but I was more thinking the stacking after each hit vs the single rise. I’ll call it out more clearly. Thanks.

Gotcha. I see what you mean.

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Impair wont stop your second attack when you rush with lets say bryan cause thats who i used, i rushed and was impaired his first attack but attacked again cause its not really a rush/treated as one. Stun will stop your second attack, idk bout confuse or taunt but would like to know

Free yourself from such bonds my friend

Her and Dwight are the same the only characters that are immune are the one with disarm.

Stun resist doesnt always work just like stun guns dont always work, rng is a hell of thing huh

True, but it helps A LOT.

Like how does an evasion specialist still evade when stunned!? They’re aliens, man.

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