Stunned but still getting impaired

I stunned command Siddiq but after I hit him a few times again I was being impaired from him? Bug?

Well it does in a way, it will bypass stun on defend and absolute defense

Yes it does.

Definitely a bug.

I have seen this forever, Why would a weapon that process on defend be affected because the toon is stunned?

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Stun prevents all special stats…

News to me but i found the post, long standing bug then or maybe i avoid stunned toons cause they pose no threat

I agree this has always been but not %100 All of them can still proc even when stunned. It’s just that stun helps greatly

It’s been confirmed by a dev that a stunned toon’s weapon stats don’t take effect. So this is a bug.


On the combat thread is specifically states weapon specials that proc ON DEFENED only work when NOT stunned. So they should never proc. This is new to me but helpful

If it was a stun sword and the stun and impair happened at the same time it is not a bug. If it was after sid was stunned then it is a bug.