Stun v. Impair v. Absolute Defense Weapons!

  • Stun>Impair>Absolute Defense
  • Stun>Absolute Defense>Impair
  • Impair>Stun>Absolute Defense
  • Impair>Absolute Defense>Stun
  • Absolute Defense>Stun>Impair
  • Absolute Defense>Impair>Stun

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Which of these specials is the best if you could add them to any weapon regardless of the weapon’s trait?


With 6*s you can recover stun and impair. This makes abso a lot more powerful


Lol how can you forget to put crit in the poll? Crit is better than all of them especially +25 crit when hp <= 30


Obvious answer is AD

But you forgot -30 AP which is 2nd now (better than stun)


I only used the top 3 most common/useful weapon specials. Also I find stun to be more useful than -30 AP.

  1. Stun on defense = makes the toon useless for X amount of turns.
  2. Absolute defense = No damage on your toons and no ap gain for the enemy that turn.
  3. Impair on defense = Makes the enemy unable to use their AR. Can still attack tho.

That’s how I rank them and why I rank them in that order.


crazy talk


AP down isn’t that impressive tbh…


Since I’ve never had an AP down weapon…

Do they gain a P and then lose it
Or lose it instead of gaining
Or lose it then gained it

Using voice to text so sorry


Stun is the best upgrade in the game followed by AD. Impair is good too but not OP.


Why are people saying Stun is better when every F2P player in the game has like 3 toons that can cure stun?

-30 AP cannot be cured, and the defender gains AP while the attacker loses AP.

I say this as someone with 3 stun guns and 1 stun oar. AD and AP down IMO are far better on 6* meta teams. Shiva, Carl, Zeke, if any of them have stun on attack, I just kill them first or stun them.

AP down, you either pray for RNG or suck it up and take the -30 or avoid them. There is no recovery.


Yep. And ap down would be fourth best because even if they don’t gain ap (and possibly even lose some), your toon still takes damage, similar to impair but only for one turn instead of three.


If your stun recovery toon gets stunned though you’re s.o.l.


Stun is still king. It either negates a turn directly via the status effect, or indirectly by requiring an AS useage (further impacting strategy moving forward) to fix it. In addition, it results in the negation of slot 3 weapon buffs. Abs def is a close second, only because it still allows for the char whose attack was defended absolutely to attack again the next turn. 6* have severely reduced the impact of impair and AP down, because now basic attacks can still win a raid.


Yeah so, don’t attack the stun gun with Mira… clear all stun round 2, continue wiping

If you lose 30 AP how do you recover? You need more attack rounds, or Siddiq etc…

Not to mention when you think of team comps, MIra and Ty. Ty murders alerts, if ty gets stunned, Mira fixes him up instantly and Ty goes back to murdering all alerts like they are blades of grass.

I look at all the 3 stun teams I’ve seen during war, Tyreese kills them all easily.

When you face a team with 3x AP down behind Carl, you may change your mind about stun being top dog


Ever faced a team with 5 stun guns? Or a Stun Gun on a shield?

A char who is able to clear stun is useless when he is stunned aswell. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, every day. Kill Manga round 1 with Ty, recover stun round 2. Win raid round 3-4

A lot of 2-3 Mirabelle defenses around these days, nobody complains about them. Alerts get ruined by Blues.

5 Stuns? that would mean 5 Alerts, which = auto attack, don’t even need to look at the screen for those raids


Your argument doesn’t necessarily mean that stun isn’t the best slot 3 upgrade.


Right now it does.

Once they release a 40 HP 40 DEF range leader, I will change my opinion to Stun!

But in the current meta (only thing that matters) Stun is easy to recover from for anyone F2P or P2W

Heck even Tripp is still viable on attack because he’s blue and clears stun

AP down is on greens which is a big factor. if AP down was on alert, it would not rate as high

back when 5 stars were the meta, AP down was somewhat pointless since raids ended i 1.5 rounds on average


I appreciate your position, but stun is the only (current) weapon mod which guarantees a reduction in the number of attacks you can make in a given turn, which, imo, is the fundamental element to raiding. For that reason alone, stun is tops.

Just to be clear, there is no “right” answer to the OP.