Stun On Special Weapons!


Anybody know if when you stun a character with a special weapon like another stun gun, the fact that this doesn’t then work and you can then hit them, is this a bug? I mean stun stops most specialist skill like indom etc but I’ve heard contrasting opinions!


you mean with a “stun on attack” green weapon you hit a red toon with “stun on defense” ?


kind of, if you stun a character with a stun gun, the stun gun(or other special) then doesn’t work and you can attack that character as normal!


interesting haven’t seen that myself since i don’t have green stun weapon but gonna ask people in faction about it.


Check Indomitable’s in-game description. It’s designed to be disabled by stun.


If its a bug, its a bug as old as the game itself.
In my opinion, it work indeed as designed, its the only viable way to work around windowless defenses without being too susceptible to RNG.


yeah i know it says for indom, but i mean special weapons


Every special upgrade on a weapon, like stun abs minus app and so on are not working when character is stunned. I use Fast Dwight who got stun AR to successfully attack shields or priya


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Justabox, you are right. I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature, but if you stun any character, not only it loses it’s special skill, but also if the toon had a special weapon, it also stop giving the bonus (like stun on being damaged - red weapon).


Stun is a joke now 6* Mira has the cure


1st of all, it still isn’t a joke, but yes, it is weaker than before. 2nd you have to run Mira in your team and not get stunned more than 2 toons, which can be hard sometimes. 3rd you get to use her once and that is it, if anyone gets stunned after that, you still have 1 or 2 toons less.


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Its a feature been confirmed by post on old forum, been there since beginning of time. Just more prevalent with the onset of 6*.


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Hi @Justabox, I hope this clears this question up for you. Courtesy of our IUGO Developer.


That’s gud. Stun disables those special effects then :zap:


Just stun, though, right? Impaired/confused/taunted combatants don’t suffer the same?


If the toon is stunned, and he has a weapon mod like abs def, or stun/impair when hitted it won’t work. I think this is intended to be like this by Scopely.

PS. Love your videos! :smiley: I find them very helpfull.