Stun on Konrad : worth it?

Just refunded Konrad stash here.
For people who tried this, do you think stun is worth to craft ? I think yes but I’m asking to be sure.


If it was me, Id save those materials for a weapon u need on a 6s. Hard to justify fixed weapons on any 5s right now. Absolute Defense is good enough imo.


Konrad is getting worse and worse every day so i would upgrade ur Weapons for ur 6*s


I already have plenty of interesting weapons atm so materials are not a problem

I do the same and I’ve been owned at the last CRW because of a stun Konrad troll lmao

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AD on Konrad in my experience has barely caused me issue AD on sheildchonne have always been more responsive then Konrad’s AD so stun would be the way to go imo

Konrad is dead after one hit now.

Do not do this.

Absolute waste of resources.

Konrad 5* time has been and gone.

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I think his question wasn’t about if Konrad can be useful in a six star world but just being a owner of Konrad would it be better to have absolute defense or stun

I’m waiting this moment but that leader will probably be P2W asf

The question is can u afford to not use him while you work on the stun. It’ll be worth it If a 40/40 lead appears. Side note, I wonder if 60% will be a thing since 45% is availble to 5s. An alternative to the 40/40.

Yeah I’m running a no shield defense with full stun/impair when taking damage weapons, it’s working pretty well for the moment. I hope a ranged Carl-like leader will be out soon.

The 3 first 10 stash pulls were refunded without mercy. As expected from Scopely, the very last pull was Konrad.

I don’t have Michonne and Shane but yes, it could be an interesting defense team

Cough* neutralize *cough

Stun on Konrad weapon makes him completely useless. He is useable with Absolute.

With stun he takes damage. Only chance to stay alive with 6* is absolute defense. If it procs you might be able to get to turn 2 giving your team a chance to build ap or if you have great defensive active skills. Stun doesn’t affect teams now as much as it did before because it takes 3-4 turns to rush. Before 6* if you had a few stunned on turn 1 that could have been a lost match but now it isn’t. Stun is very nice on a 6* but on a 5* it is more of an annoyance than anything. Do not convert to stun. Tyreese with a double attack weapon will one shot him with stun.

Why a lot of you trying to downplay Konrad? Are those of you that are downplaying Konrad have him or don’t have him? Just so you know OP, he already has absolute defense and if you tried to add stun then it would replace absolute defense. You would be making a big mistake in replacing absolute defense with stun. LOL

Absolutely right…

get a 2nd konrad, leave the absolute defense on one and put stun on the other one. give them both a try and see which one you like better. i think you should just leave it alone!