Stun guns scopely made a mistake making these


you guys need to get rid of this crap soon…i have a s5+ team i think is pretty good but just fought 3 different teams in war and because of the stun guns i was unable to fight for 3 turns.if not of been for this i would of most likely won but they had 3 toons with stun guns and yet i cant even pull 1 f ing stun gun on red or geen now how is that fair?


Get Mira, swipe right to defend on first turn, then use active skill… problem solved.


Well without special weapons, raiding would be kind of lame. I’m sure if you get a stun gun now after all your failures you would be pissed if they got taken away.


Until the following turn when multiple characters get stunned again,(yes shiva can help but when that window is broken its all back to rng).

Put it this way i struggle most with teams with 5 stun on atk weapons, as it is entirely rng and there is no viable strategy to counteract them, yes mirablle can help but she can get stunned, it is entirely down to who they hot and if it decides to proc or not


the problem I have with the stun guns is that it’s a 2 turn stun… they should have made it 1 turn (same with green on attack etc). Yes there are active skills to combat the stuns but even with those getting stun locked every now and then is basically unavoidable.


No get rid of u :crazy_face:


eh they dont bother me as much green stun, because green stun I can’t control who gets hit


Totally agree. Hate it when green stun gets my mira. If you let mira get stunned against a red stun gun that’s your fault.


I Have 10 stun weapons I really wouldn’t mind if they got taken away they pretty much Break the game.


Anyone in your faction running full red stun? Can always get them to put it up for you and practice.


lol clearly didnt read my post, but anyway, i know how to deal with them as i said only team i now ever struggle with is stun on atk due to it being a complete rng fest defence is dead.

i pride myself on being a top team builder and that has completely disappeared with 6*, all that gets defends now is if the opponent has terible rng, or is trying something stupid , and stun weapons get the best luck for rng due to the effect it can have on a match, lets face it 2 turn stun is longer than the majority of stun ars, but its on a weeapon


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Scopely should stop and NEW stun/impair/abs def weapons for sure!

Said the guy with enough to get by lol


That is really good advice!


This is one of those topics that comes up again and again, like low levels with reflect damage in SR tournaments. It was actually discussed at length when KaliShane first started. I’m pretty sure the decision was made back then to continue with stun weapons.

I personally face windowless teams regularly, and I know how frustrating it is. I actively seek them out, because, as they say:


Not that RNG stun guns are smart, but I like to remember how best to face them. Still, with the right team, you can win about two out of three times. You don’t even have to spend money to build it either. There’s a nice thread on the topic, and I even compiled a list of strategies to get people started:

This is not to say windowless stun teams won’t frustrate you in future. Personally, I find the RNG in this game to be incredibly streaky. I might have a whole day (or two) here or there where I just can’t catch a break. I just ride it out and when the streak is over, I go back to a 70% average again.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, that’s fine. It might benefit someone else browsing the thread. I’m just trying to be helpful. Stun guns take some getting used to, but they’re here to stay. The further you progress through this game, the more you’re going to see them. Best learn to deal with them early, before they drive you mad.


They made Blue Michonne. Granted it was a promo toon, but that toon alone has made the 5 red stun defense irrelevant.


If you haven’t incorporated the use of actives and/or methods to circumvent weapons at this point, you need to go practice. F2P has plenty available for people to work around and destroy almost any defense. A few key promos simply increase the speed. Offense can bring its own special weapons to further make life easier.

Not every toon has to hit turn 1, only the hard hitters that must Pop in order to take down the threats on a team. Actives basically let you overcome or stop anything that might cause a snag. Stuns, confuse, taunt, ap gain, recover actives all let the offense do whatever they want to a defense at will.

Or if you want to spend one time just pull a blue michonne and make the game easy mode. The RNGs are necessary as there is not enough depth or strategy to the game to provide a challenge outside bad luck.


Really nice post.

I find the best way to combat stun is to have your own. Stun the Stunner then take them out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Against an all red team with stun weapons just defend the entire first turn. Then when the ai hits your toons equipped with stun as long as one procs there’s your opening. After that use toons like Mira and stun a few more. Shiva has a t2 active stun that works well to give you an opening. That’s the one nice thing about the game. There are ways around everything if you have the right tools yourself.


If they didn’t release mirabelle, I’d have no counter at all thanks to absolute zero luck in the armory, works great though knowing I hav nothing to disarm though lol


Stun on defence. Solution is just use many blues with Mira. With Mira you can recover 2 guys from stun and with the blues that red will get destroyed.