Stun gun offer (this isn't even my max limit)


$100 for a stun gun?!

I am not a big spender, but I’ll admit if a stun gun went up for $20 I’d actually consider buying it. I’ve spent more time farming for resources to unsuccessfully craft one at least a dozen times, so 20 bucks seems fair because it does offer a huge advantage in your team, but it’s a third of the cost of an AAA game. Even if it was 20 bucks for a gun with a mod that fits in the current meta, that’s 100 dollars right there for one team, and i think most people would quickly spend on reasonably priced useable weapons to close small gaps in their teams.

I didn’t expect anything less, these are just tired ramblings lol



It’s laughable that someone would spend on micro-transactions… but someone did say they spent $900 trying to get a stun gun before so… perspective?


Its 130 for me. Its a rip off. You’d have to be a fool to purchase this and who would spend $900 pulling for a stun gun?? That’s an even bigger fool


Look at the post labeled Congratulations. We’re talking about & posting pictures of these offers.


That same offer is £100 here that’s a joke who would buy this


Stun gun has become significantly weaker so people who throw $100 at it have issues.


I could buy two triple A console games for that kind of money.


This is a big deal. Bigger than you think.

They have never offered weapons of this magnitude without it being RNG.

I think £100 for a stun gun is relatively cheap. I’ve pulled before for Rick’s gun and used all materials up to and including those from hitting level 125. I have one stun gun. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.

My reading on this is stun is either about to get nerfed or 5* weapons are on the way. If they are…well…maybe time to give up.


what funkle said!


Say what you want about spending on a mobile game but this has huge implications. Weapons are the most important thing in this game. I spent well over $100 for my first stun gun so this is a slap in the face. Most people can tell stories of a guy using 20+ kits/tape to get a stun gun and this one can be received by going around Earl and the Weapons Cache wheel. I feel sick over this. You try so hard in this game to get what you want from RNG to just able purchase this outright. Anybody prestige 12 or higher will be offended by this offer or be quick to buy it. A player with a decent team could become really great by purchasing this weapon as opposed to spending hundreds on pulls and weapon crafts. Scopely is showing us once again they dont give a crap about prior purchases and if you wait long enough you can advance your team very easily with one transaction. Stuff like this will make whales like me quit and these mobile games are dependent on people who spend.


You could buy a lot of decant games off the psn store in the January sale for that money :moneybag:. I can’t see how it’s cheap. A jan sale for this at sat maybe £25 is cheap but guess that’s me :wink:.


Look at the prestige for top players in your region. Anybody over prestige 11 has dumped hundreds to thousands into this game so $100 is really nothing. You may be f2p but there are tons of players spending on this game. This is and will always be a pay to win game. You will only get so far unless you spend.


I guess if you put it that way it could be cheap for me as I don’t buy any of the pulls and stuff only money I send are on survival road offers as I think there ok and on the monthly pass. So I guess in your point of view for me this would be cheap just to let you see I do know what you mean btw. But for me I just don’t see it that way. I get the DT and PK from the free ways in the game I think il just stick to that. I do see there more then 1 way to view this offer. It’s cheap if your a spender expensive if your not. :hugs:


Agreed it just depends on point of view I’m P9 I pay for monthly pass so I’d call myself pay to play the coins do help but I do see your point of view. :hugs: hats off to you :blush::+1:


Correct. My point is this is a tool to greatly increase the strength of your team in one transaction. Which is a slap in anybodys face who spent weeks, months or some even a year to craft the same weapon. Thats like having that Winter Shiva available in a few months for a $100 after some people spent hundreds on her pulling. Bunch of crap.


I am just trying to stick up for the people who feel offended by this like myself. Its obvious by the images below I am in that group.


That would suck that’s one of the reasons I don’t gamble on this game. I’d be really pissed if I’d spend £100 on pills just to get 3 stars. Heard menny story’s about it and tbh I play for fun and feeling great when I get lucky on a pull with tokens. If I spent that sorta money to get crap pulls id regret it if I didn’t get what I was after and spend more to get it. But I guess on scopelys point of view that’s the idea :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I real trap.


Nice I guess it would take me years to get that sorta Arsenal together I got 2 legendary weps with luck abs being 1 of them. Game changer for me.


Spending on weapon crafts can be much better than pulling for characters. Although most of us haven’t had to spend for kits/tape since they increased the player level to 125. But most of my weapons were crafted before that.


May I ask how do you spend on weapon crafts do you mean the weapons caches or coining at the armary just curious. Iv been playing 6 months so I guess I still got some learning to do :wink:.