Stun gun and absolute defence guns


Anyone try make that ? I try maybe 7 until 10 times and used double critical boost at teri and when got critical that didnt i want slot 3 for the weapon… any advice for newbie succes craft that weapon :grin::grin::grin:


It will work eventually. That’s all there is to say everything else is superstitious.


both are defender level 3

Stun on defence on availblevon red

Abs def is a yellow only

Green can get stun on attack and revive
Blue can have impair


Just keep trying took me 30+ attempts to get green stun on attack. You will get there :wink:


Cool. I have 2 of each now. Just got to keep going. :sunglasses:


I don’t even know why…


Seen a few of them myself, but of a waste imo


Took me around 50 tries before I got a stun gun