Stun and impair weapon sale


Would love a stun and impair weapon sale crafting is not working for everyone some are out of stuff to use to craft


Are make a road map on the weekend to farm like how u have a roadmap for gears in the week


keep feeding the beast :roll_eyes:


Can’t craft with out material and scopely should know this make crafting easier or something


But your post is asking for another way to give them money…


And what is the problem guy in my region have Rick stuns weapon on each toon u buy them and he have the impair gun they sold as well


He did not work to get stun and impair weapon he buy them


Is he your idol or?


So you want to just throw money at them? lol


I try for impair countless times and nothing


So your solution is to spend +/- $100? If I was a decision maker at scopely, I’d never change as long as folks like yourself are willing to throw money at everything.


If that’s the case you should create a new account or try some other game

Scopely has enough easy money
They don’t deserved


You guys can hate on Scopely all day long but if they stop being profitable with this game it all goes away. The ones who spend keep the lights on and the servers running for thoes of us who don;t spend.


1: Maybe it should.
2: They want it to.


I know that’s what you want. lol

Good news is that one day it will be gone. So wish come true. It’s just a question of how long.

If you owned a company and it was making a profit you wouldn’t want it to end. What would be the point to that? If it was costing them money this would be gone come tomorrow morning. Last I heard they were pulling in over 50k a day. It’s still in the top 100 grossing games on the google store.


50k a day is nice but what if you could put that manpower into a 200k a day project? And I dont want the game to die, I just want scopely to act like they give a shit.


Yeah, that would be nice. I never put any stock into any company giving one, to be honest. It always has and always will be about the bottom line. That being said I think we are seeing some positive signs so far this year.



Too little too late and just the bare minimum to keep vets and attract fresh meat.

I know you like to argue to the bitter end, no matter the topic, so lets just agree to disagree on this. Neither of us know what’s really going on with scopely. I just look at their track record with all games they have the scopely logo on. All those games have the same problems.


Yeah, I don’t want to argue. Just chatting in between wars. I stick around mostly because of the friends I made in-game. I want to have hope that things can always get better. I guess time will tell. I never really have even looked into their catalog. I have no interest in wrestling. Take care.


This is the best part of the game. The one thing they did right. It keeps folks hooked.