Stuck on infiltrating screens?


Need help. Force closed the app a dozen times already and keep coming back and getting stuck on these screens?

War is broken again, what a surprise
War issue infiltrating camps
With all the that you guys get you still can't fix a game right
This is ReGodDammedDiculous!
45 minuets in que
Problems in the war 1 hour without starting
War slow search
I can’t even with this 😂
Cant attack in war
Can't attack in war
Dear Scopes :War
Dear Scopes :War
Crw broken and searching
Crw war broken. Why delete
Broken CRW K matchings

Same here, not one bit surprised that war is bugged again


Same thing is happening to me


Me too, are you guys beta members also?


gg scopely gg

:edit beta user here


Screenshot_20180511-191405Can’t attack


After selecting Enemy Camp and attack it says

Infiltrating chelle Camp:
Please Wait

Loads infinity long beta user GJ SCOPELY GJ


Same. Also been booted twice, and stuck spinning… wtffff


seeing this in marion as well, people who can’t attack anyone or long as fck lag then being in q regardless


Got my first attack of CRW in and now I can’t attack anyone else. Been sitting and spinning on infiltrating for 3 minutes now. Force close and it still happens. At least half of the war party having this problem.Screenshot_20180511-191535


Mine is the same


Same issue here


So it’s only happening to beta users?


Looks like it, just happy to know it’s not just me


Possibly. That’s the common denominator so far unless there’s more to it.


It’s a crying shame when your developers can’t even fix a dang game you try to war and it just freezes


I see they’re merging topics but aren’t doing a thing to fit it


They can merge topic but can’t acknowledge the fucking problem


25 minutes and haven’t matched yet. Only 20 on the leaderboard, it’s like it’s only coded to allow 20 factions to match.


At least y’all matched. Been sittin here 25 min searching 18 facs already finished a war, the other 40+ are searching. Broken @** game