Stuck on "Calculating Final Results" screen in Faction Assault

I’m the leader of a faction, and every time I click on the faction assault icon to see our token totals, it just shows the attached screen. I can’t start a new faction assault round for our team, or see how close we are to starting again. We previously beat and received our rewards from last battle 4-5 days ago.

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I’ve had this problem for over a week! Nothing I’ve tried has fixed it!

@CombatDevIl replied on another thread that they knew what the issue was but we’re still waiting on a fix. I’m in the same boat.

I am too in the same boat. It really sucks as I missed out on 2 out of 3 faction assaults due to this bug. Sucks this had to happen during the discount.

Sucks that it happened during the discount, or did they do it on purpose like they do everything else?


My bad, I even tried searching before posting. @CombatDevIl any update? My faction can’t start faction assault since I’m lead.

My assult page still says the same thing. We finished the assult before Christmas. …

All good. I’m sure it got buried down the list somewhere. :slight_smile:

Yeah mines been the same stuck on the boss defeated screen since the start of January, still nothing from scopely regarding a fix or compensation.

You have to leave faction and rejoin.

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