Stuck in tutorial


I started a new alternate in a new region and now I’m stuck in the tutorial after I pick a name the game goes to the main map and a pop up comes up saying that the account transfer is suscesfull and I can’t take it off and keep going with the tutorial.
Here is a video of the problem

I have been talking to support for 3 days and they don’t seem to understand what’s going on. I think that if they move my toon to my main region the problem should be fixed.


I think you’re screwed, because of the words “account transfer”. Sorry man!


I’m still in my faction it is just that I’m stuck in an alternate region with a new toon and no way to continue the tutorial they just have to move me to my region


I have never got a response from support that seemed like they knew what i was talking about. Many times they have responded to me with improper name/problem.

It sounds like you are unable to get back to your original region? If so this sounds much like the game thinks you transferred. If so keep at them, seems like about the 10 or 15th time you actually get a real person not just a bot answer… I think this is probably one of the many bugs that was introduced with the transfers.


The last response I got is that my ticket was closed and they are looking into it. Every response that I got was from a different person how can they help with my problem if everytime someone new finds out about my problem and just give me the same generic answer.


I sometimes wonder where their CS is actually based, ive never seen so many odd names i.e Jehrald was the last one responding to me…


Anyone from scopley care to say anything? With so many people creating alts in different region to scout then I don’t think I’m the only one that this happens to.


That’s why it’s a bad idea to overwright old accounts


I didn’t overwrite anything I was just starting a new alternate in another region. My main account is fine I just can’t get to it because the game is stuck in the tutorial. I don’t get it why everyone thinks that I overwrote my account I keep telling them that my account is fine that I’m stuck in the tutorial and the response is always the same that I overwrote my account.


Bringing this to the top, need help @Shawn.Scopely
Yes, on version 17.0
Yes, cleared data
Yes, cleared cache
Yes, uninstalled and reinstalled
Yes, factiry reset phone, reinstalled and still stuck in this loop to a freeze.
Did not transfer, joined a region (Convington) and upon completing the part of tutorial shown in video it keeps giving the message i transferred and freezes.


Just updates the game and nothing changed, it has been a week for me missed tournaments going to miss the museum collection and won’t be in the next crw, couldn’t they just restore my account?


I would hope so, a roll back of your game would have been what I would have been requesting. Reset it to a date prior to the error like they do for people that transfer and overwrite their main account


@Ronald sorry to hear about the issue.

Can you please let me know what is your Player Name / Faction Name / Region Name please?

I’ll take a closer look at it and escalate it to our tech team for review.



Name is Romv19, I’m not in a faction since they had to kick me because I can’t help them, the region is Albert.
Support last message is that they are looking at it and they will get back to me, I just wish they restore my account how they do people that overwrite theirs transferring.


Gl, bro.
I asked support to recover my account, and they wouldn’t, even after providing proof I own the account.


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