Struggling for 1250000


As u can see I’m already struggling to hit 1.25m for those shirts. Can we get some insight if Dwight shirts will be available elsewhere.


Info is all I ask for. I was never blind to the idea that Dwight might not have been within my grasp. If this is the only means to get the remaining shirts I’ll swallow it (it’ll be bitter but I’ll swallow it). The true frustrating thing is not knowing. Since I’m probably only going to hit 250k I’d rather not put in any effort and save my resources if there won’t be an opportunity to come up with the other 140. But I get why not telling us is safe for them.


I totally feel this pain, I’m actually playing in a second region called Blount and it’s fairly new. Since I’ve joined it, roughly for 2 months now I can count on 1 hand the amount of people clearing the first milestone. No joke… I came in top 10 rank #7 to be exact and didn’t even hit the first milestone. I had 120k or something like that. There needs to be some balance. Now that I"m playing from the get go “again” I can see both sides of the coin. Us veterans in our prime region are struggling can you imagine a region like Blount and thinking how the heck am I ever going to hit 500k for the beanie that I need so desperately nevermind the shirts hahaha.


Help us scopely, lower the damn milestones


It’s in another thread but I can’t find it (still learning this new format)


The whole rewards structure needs revamping,in my faction we have a lot of people who still have 4* and the odd 5* but are not getting anywhere with the game now,the levels to hit are way out of there reach,you state that there of loads of new players but do you really think there going to last playing,when they can’t do level ups as you have them every week,there needs to be lower level rewards for these people,I mean a beanie for 500k come on it’s a joke,unless you have bucket load of 5* and loads of 6* to level then your ok,but I would say 75-80% of players are not hitting the mark on these level ups,and are getting fed up time after time.


I wanted the watch really bad.

I have 0 watches and 6 Radios…it’s a joke and you should be able to trade one for the other 1 time every month or something.

Anyway…here’s my attempt.
Nothing more to give.


2nd. ME


I just wanted the watch :disappointed_relieved:

Seems like I wasted my resources, time and gear.


Those 2M milestones are fuckin ridiculous. I was already mad at the 1M so 2M is just unreasonable. This clearly shows that the poeople who amke the decisions at scope don’t play the game thselves and honestly this is killing the game for me. That and the fact thay besides being unreachable the rewards are shit too.


I honestly drives me mad.
Not mad enough to buy the stupid offers but still it isn’t fair.
You work hard and then get the exact opposite that you need.

I’m stuck now and can’t figure out a way to go higher.
No Scav missions will save me, not enough trainers or offers could get me over to 1.25million.

So I’m stuck with 6*s I’ve earned the right to ascend…but can’t due to been stuck with Radios every time.


yeah im still going to be short at around a little over a hundred more vests even if i complete the faction sr. Making these available in level up milestones is a pain in the ass with these insane milestones


I don’t even think the reward system would be bad if we didn’t have CONSTANT level ups. There used to be something called Raid tournaments. You could easily throw in a raid tournament and have these as milestones, but instead you kill everyone’s storage by having 2 level ups a week.