Strongholds won’t stack

We can’t put more than one defence team in a stronghold after the shield has lifted. Is this a new thing and how are late players supposed to add defence?

Pretty sure you can only put 1 defence in there normally (meaning 1 player not the whole faction,
as in 5 people can put in teams but 1 per person, if I’m not getting what you mean please tell me).

I know you can only have one defence per person. A couple of people arrived after war started and our shield lifted and they can’t add Teams. When it happened to me I thought it was me not pressing the right button.

I’ve not has this issue…I’d say report it to support but might as well be telling you to report it to Santa clause. He may actually be more helpful.

U can only add teams when the shield is active


It’s always been like this in war.
Not like territories where you can add defense anytime you control it.

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Always been this way and always should have been. How stupid would it be if it worked were asking? Think about it… and late players should be ready to go

We live in the real world with children and jobs and lives. We don’t hang round waiting for the search to finish. We have other things to do with our lives. Clearly more than can be said for others.

Then don’t complain when you miss out. Lot to complain about with this game but people getting busy isn’t one.

I’m not complaining. I was asking how to do something because we weren’t sure how to do it.

Btw I have always found that only people who moan all the time assume everyone else is as miserable as them. Positive, cheerful, pleasant people don’t think badly of everyone else like that.

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