Strongest wave 3 faction

Obviously it’s very early but this is how our group is shaping up.

Not matched Bedford yet, maybe we can give them an L.

How is your wave 3 group looking?


This is 1b. Let no one look down their nose at Wave 3 again. Although we have only managed 2 wars in 3 and a half hours due to 8vs8 :frowning_face:


Much appreciated!


Not bad at all for wave3. I wonder what ours would look like if it was six versus six right now.

It’s odd outlaw asylum are 2nd as they’re not a very good faction.

Let’s see your group scores then!


Were not worthy!

Nope. But you’re getting better :stuck_out_tongue:

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You damn nut hoofy. I see you

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When are you going to drop 3B and join me in 1A? :blush:

Never leave our hoofy alone

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This is our group


Before he was yours he was ours :blush:

Haha, unfortunately I’m not Brazilian. I got the crazy part though :slight_smile:

Nocturnal & Bedford would be a good fight.

Unfortunately hes not mine either. Hes slowed down in his old age wanted a slower paced faction

Well if they would change the region match ups every war that might actually happen. It would be fun.

Yup. I keep saying they should take all the regions with a faction that finish 1st & put them all together next group. Same with factions that finish 2and, 3rd, etc. Would be much more balanced grouping.


Well near the end of war. Dont see the places changes now.