Stronger trait vs. Bonus Atk

Trying to decide on a weapon for Christa on attack. Tried a splash damage weapon but it was underwhelming.
Other 2 options are bonus 35% atk when attacker is above 60% hp or Better chance for stronger attack.
Not sure which is better since i don’t know how the dmg/atk calculations are done

Stronger trait gives x2 damage


Bonus attack.

I’m trying to get Ap down for Christa but in the meantime I just allowed Christa to use bonus attack for her weapon. Work well for me with her.

Boils down to preference, as I don’t know your mods or what attk sat etc even if I did each individuals odds are different not being an ass but truly , you already know lol go with what you feel is best with setup , teams , and individual preference

I prefer bonus attack because there’s no ‘chance’ of it occurring. You know if the enemy has more than 60% hp, it is +35% attack every time. With “a better chance” it is hard to plan and create a consistent team with a weapon that relies on well luck.


Stronger trait works great with regular rush attacks like Louis (mine can kill two 6* with his rush attack stat 6029). His second attack is about double as strong as the first one.
Im personally also crafting the first weapon (Madison‘s Beretta) right now for Christa and probably give her bonus attack mods against greens and reds to counter those payback toons.

None of those, AP down for attack, no mods, skills, etc to block it and theirs no hp wall with the bonus attack, this with an ap drain mod and you will stop toons from rushing

Just got this baby for Piper, that’s right i use Piper instead of Christa :man_shrugging:


I actually respect that statement

For Christa, it’d be a different situation as +35% ATK has way more impact than it does AP down with a Christa because of her high base attack stat. If Christa ends up killing enemies often, AP down on her weapon is pretty moot.

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For the future tho it wont be moot when we have full s class teams which will be here sooner than people think at 2 s class toons a month

There are already players with full S Class teams.

I know but i mean better team comp of s class such as shield, decap, etc not just leads and more and more will have s class making Christa this goddess of attack stat kinda moot more then ap down imo

Once again, I’m thinking James will be useful longer. Still feeling burned by picking Shawn over Nik, though…

His collateral is really hurting my Michelle team but i picked Christa as i have no hard hitting reds besides Piper

You act like getting bonus attack weapon is hard? Not like you investing 100 tape into it

When did i ever say that? I dont remember writing that so if you could show me that would be great