Strobo-Road with automatic play


This is one of the funniest bug/glitch i see in two years
I don’t know how to send the video i took.
By today in the morning, if i touch the autoplay during a road mission the game starts to flicker like stroboscopic light in a disco.
Only with autoplay: if i play manually the game it is all right.
I play with an ordinary iPhone 5S with iOS 11.1
Please, i would like to play without the risk an epileptic crisis.
Please tell me how to send the video about it is happening on my gameplay: it’s bizarre!


Private youtube channel that requires link to watch. Post link here.

Edit: RTS: Your Rave Light supplier since Nov 2017

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Oh Hell no, boy!

I want to see zombies and survivors dancing like mad!!


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Aw this sounds awesome. I gotta try this.


Man, if you can edit that video, put some rave music. Hell, I’ll die of laughter for sure!


I try to edit the video and to put on YouTube.
Keep attention at this :sweat_smile:

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I am the world worst video editor…
After an hard work there is it!


Strange. I use an iPhone 5S but I haven’t gone to 11.1 OS yet.

Maybe @CombatMan can help.

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I am wondering if we can have this glitch (now a desired feature) ported to Bluestacks 3.0 Android emulator so us laptop players can dance!

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@kalishane Hey can we get some assistance? While hilarious as a joke, this looks eye searingly painful over the long term. Thanks.