Strategy Priya and Pete

ok, assuming priya and pete are not, again, game-breaking. does anybody have any video clip that shows how to defeat teams with priya and pete using any f2p team?

it’s easy to talk saying “oh, first you do this, then you do that… blah blah”, but i seriously would like to see how somebody f2p actually defeat teams that have, let say, one priya and one pete.


Use your five star tokens and hope that you get blue Morgan…


Haven’t actually fought Priya yet but if you can confuse her she’d destroy her own team, even better if she ends up shooting her own Payback Negan :wink:. Pete is annoying but that’s why you have stuns, taunts and confuse.

F2P (and RNG reliant) team: Erika OR Mirabelle leader, Shiva (OR Ajax with a stun weapon even though he’ll get melted), Douglas, Disarm Michonne, Red Governor.
Michonne has a confuse wep, pray to God that it confuses Priya and if not try again turn 2. Shiva has stun claws so try to stun Pete. If not, use active stun next turn and hope that it does stun him (or if you have Ajax with a stun gun, shield and get easy stuns). Turn 3 you can use Dougla’s confuse active to confuse Priya again and once ar’s build you can go from there. If you mod your Michonne with crit damage like I do, you should be able to take a large chunk out of Pete’s health with her AR. Red governer helps keep everything under control with neutralize and his impair AR.


hmm… confuse and stun, and neutralize, actually good idea.

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Heal reduction and confuse.Using Green Sawyer but I know many don’t have him.

I don’t have a video of it but this is the team I use to beat pete and priya teams.

hmm… i only have sandy and andrea… well, at least it’s not impossible, it may just need to take a little bit of time.

Taunt 1 round and confuse next round than taunt them again than rinse and repeat the fk outta them each round

I used this team to win this war


Priya isn’t a defensive toon so if you see her then target her first and you should win easily with your ar fully ready. If there is a payback toon then play a lil smarter

Not with that team

These scopely fucks did not anticipate one scenario. 5 ap drain mods on atk team. there’s your answer for all of it. yeah, you’ll get smoked from time to time but majority of times you’ll come out a winner.

I use this setup:

Dante lead. Douglas. Bacooper. Bruce. And blue ty.

Bacooper requires war wheel luck.

Works great except as i stated in another thread … Pete has been using his active every other turn and it never runs out lol if it wasnt for his active going off so often when it shouldn’t … Id be at easily a 50% win rate

I confuse her and let her trash her teammates lol.

Ajax is horrible vs priya … Hell be dead by rd 2 if not rd 1…

Bring zero reds vs priya.

Yeah you’re probably right, Shiva’s probably the best option then for f2p

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Douglas is the best f2p toon and combined with ba cooper for those lucky enough to have him… 4 toons for 2 turns confused … Lot of control and nice back wnd forth with their ars. But with out a doubt douglas is best thing going

I agree, I use Douglas on my def and att and he’s a real mvp. Going up against him is really annoying as well :smiley:

Yeah those teams with Bruce Allen Cooper and Douglas in with confuse after confuse really annoy me. Granted I always beat them with all 5 still standing, but losing control of half my team for half the raid really blows. Those teams have only cropped up recently and have completely neutralised my Mike so I never bring him along anymore in case he guts his own team.
Those 2 would surely help against Pete and Priya.

Guardian Rick still gets my nod for best F2P alongside Michelle (gutted I missed her).

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Gutted cause I missed literally everyone before League store 5! Came back to play again when store 4 was ending and missed Michelle and all that :frowning: