Strange purchase screen on premier

So… i watched andreas time on premier roller run out… and anticipated morgan. But when the timer ran out on andrea premier… this came up

So i bought one… for 0… to see what would happen… it crashed the game and restarted when i did.

Im such a dummy … lol


I didnt get my dummy for 0 either…

Its like the old Pokemon Missingno glitch. Eventually it will relentlessly corrupt your game data and all future iterations.

J/k, i wouls never wish this on anyone. I think I would break my phone in anger over that.

Contact customer support. I heard they are really helpful with the community in taking care of all the games bugs and issues. I am sure the will get you that dummy in no time flat! :wink:


@CombatMan I thought this screen kicked you out of it when time ran out?


Dummy… :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It should, yes. I believe it should just kick you to an existing event. I’ll do some testing around that.


Starting to think they are calling us the dummy. As in “hey thanks for blowing your cash on these pulls you big dummy!”. lol :rofl:


Lol… games fine… hope posting this helps u. AND so …for finding this bug for u id like my next try at stun on def desert eagle to be successful :stuck_out_tongue:


Ps. I still want my dummy for 0 too… it said they were free :stuck_out_tongue:

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Btw… in case u were wondering it just hung there til i did something… i coulda clicked close button but i chose to see what i could buy for 0 instead…

Edit to add: lookin at the screenshot i shoulda clicked that [ i ] to see what it did… but thought buy was more adventerous lol

Wow that was a quick response


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Found a different issue, but was unable to reproduce this one seen here.

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If it helps any… im on android S7

Shouldn’t make a difference. I recall some issue like this happening like over a year ago or something. Don’t recall the resolution. It appears there already is an issue logged for this to be fixed in a later update, though, so it’ll be fixed in a future update.


I’ve had this pop up lately when I get into the game. Different ones are blank

I made a joke of it to my fac members. I told then they must be free then, because they didn’t have any prices. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: