Story line utterly out of whack

Also 4 times now:

That steam boat isn’t getting far on wooden pellets (mentiond that they were talking about wooden pellets in the previous dialogue).

It’s a small thing, but again - Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y C.O.N.T.R.O.L

Those can drive power plants, I think a boat should work as well


I don’t think it’s this

I just assumed it was slug pellets as the boat had a slug problem…

Oh no wait I didn’t waste my time on the out of sync, boring story :wink:

The Pallet - Pellet thing confused me to, they could have just had them find Coal at homemart, there would be coal somewhere that they could use.

It’s pellets. Not the sort you use to put on the cage floor for your bunny, but the fuel sort…

Pellets can range in size up to a 0.5kg bricks that can pretty much keep a steam engine going without the need to constantly load up.

But thanks to @Walkerbait, I have to correct my timeline a bit. The DC#10 doesn’t happen between DC#9 and Bear1. It actually happens within Bear1, between Act2/3 (or act1/2, can’t be 100% sure)

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