Story line utterly out of whack

Completely get this game isn’t about the story line, however…
Our 7 (spoiler alert the 5 pick up a further 2, maybe 3 if this stowaway turns out not to be a douche) adventurers had just visited New Orleans where they had encountered some of Mama’s thugs. They managed to escape that by fixing a steam boat and (at the point I’m at) have stopped at least 2 other towns upriver in a journey to find somewhere a little less crazy, leaving New Orleans far behind.
Now started playing DC#10 and they have suddenly teleported to DC and are asking a random survivor about Mama… who is in a tower New Orleans. Now I’m ok with my general geography but not that knowlegable about the entire length of the Mississippi, but I’m pretty sure DC wasn’t further upstream and that a random survivor from DC won’t know what the hell is going on in New Orleans.

Just a touch of quality control, come on guys!


Totally agree, its almost as if they hadnt mapped out their events… :man_shrugging:

If DC#10 hadnt come along i doubt i’d have spent time thinking about it, but as they’ve gone upsteam and left Mama behind on the bear maps to just jump back to the Mama/tower story is crazy


You guys follow the story :flushed: I feel I waste enough time watching the pixels jump around killing more zombies or people that I try to limit my time spent on other bits (ie story) as much as possible. Especially on 7-10 stages of 6-8 act rms.


I’d not noticed haha. There are some engaging moments in the stories but so much filler.

I feel like i waste time hitting the skip icon :joy:

This game has a story?


Well, the problem with this story is the timeline, not geography. Not sure if we were supposed to get a Bear story or simply a continuation of the Oceanside party, but the “Bear Story” is supposed to start after DC#10 - in DC#9 they just arrived to New Orleans, in Bear Story1 they are looking for Mamma and told to better not cross her path before they encounter one of her crooks who is also after Imani and that’s how they meet…

It’s DC#10 where they actually decide to find Mamma first.

@Vitalogy is enjoying the storyline and I admit it’s interesting, but I do have a problem with it …


Hi Spammer - sorry - I hadn’t actually seen DC #10 when i responded to you last night, they have completely destroyed their continuity line, or perhaps its an alternate universe? What ever it is it is dumb, and I am not impressed with what they have done to it.


I wonder if they do this stuff deliberately, or if its some sort of accident. I feel like a right goose now for saying it was good.

No, it’s still good… and if people didn’t rush to complete Bear1 and saved it for later, continuity would be still OK for them (though it would be a bit difficult to finish 80 stages within one day). The timing is a bit of a nuissance, but not that much of a problem. The absence of Bears is what irks me a lot more…

Bring on the bears

Still wouldn’t make sense since they actively avoided her in Bears Journey and then left escaping her goons who were stranded on shore… whereas in DC10 they are going to actively seek her out.

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Hab die Story Zeit dem Gefängnis nicht mehr gelesen

Bear map1 starts with them looking for Mamma, actually. But on the way to the tower encounter a group of survivors (one of them a fat woman) who discourage them from doing so, so they decide to head to the town proper instead, where they encounter the Mamma’s goon and (wary of meeting Mamma now) clash with him - then decide to sneakily follow him to the graveyard and meet Imani. Clash with the guy once more, befriend Imani and decide to get out of New Orleans, so head out to “recruit” Marge. Together they visit the steamboat, go back to Marge’s workshop to get all materials and tools, clash with Mamma’s goon once more then rush to the steamboat where they finally kill that guy in the last encounter. And set off upstream…

Bear map2 then follows their encounters upriver.

Continuity fits, with DC#10 being their arrival to New Orleans, find out it’s “governed” by Mamma and decide to pay a visit, so set off to find her tower. Jump to top of this post…

Only the timing of the map start times messeed it up.

But they decided not to go and find Mama and get out of dodge. Now they have unanimously decided to find her. So even if going back in time, they are now doing exactly what they didn’t do originally. And, it should be noted - without a Delorean.

Umm, come again? Can’t really follow when you don’t root your references.

My timeline of events:

Previous DCs (might be a little mixed up, doing my best to remember)

Ivanova and Romanov are hired by Raulito and they try to recruit Viktor, who disagrees. They clash, but the duo escapes, kidnapping Pious. They rescue him and decide to stop the nonsense heading to DC.
Frost and Mercer are visiting DC while AFZ emissary (was it Magna?) is discussing a deal with Hawkes (who wants to be supreme commander with AFZ only a set of contributing colonies, so is told to bugger off). Commonwealth soldiers clash with Militia in the aeronautic museum, on Capitol stairs and later in the town. Get to a standoff where the Oceanside group gets involved and learn that Militia made a deal with Raulito. Raulito’s goons chase after them to kill them, but the group eventually jump on a boat to escape the area and find greener pastures somewhere else, leaving Frost and Mercer ashore as they decide to stay and see things through.

DC#09 - the Oceanside group lands in New Orleans, their boat is wrecked, so set of to explore
DC#10 - they learn of Mamma and decide to visit
BEAR1 - they realize Mamma is a bitch best to be avoided… Clash with her goons and befriend Imani and Marge, then ditch town
BEAR2 - Cruise upriver

The only continuity problem I see that Scopely didn’t adhere to the timeline in their “publishing” and started Bear1 after DC#9, then only later came in with DC#10 when most players were halfway into Bear2 already…

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I’m very surprised you didn’t get my Delorean reference tbf. Thought the rest was pretty clear.

In the original story the unanimously decide to avoid Mama after realising it would be more trouble than its worth, they seem wary of Mama.
In the new script they seek out a survivor to find Mama and then unanimously decide to confront her in a very cavalier attitude.
No matter where you try and slip in DC10 it contradicts all character progression and previous script.

I know back to the future. But c’mon, you’re still commenting as if you simply decided that DC10 is happening after Bear1, not before…

Repeat: Bear1 they already are looking for Mamma, but a group of survivors tells them they should not - that people have to make favors for her and end up disappeared once they can’t - and that anyone sane keeps clear of her tower. They decide to follow this avice and confirm their resolve after they encounter Mamma’s goon…

In DC10, they hear about Mamma for the very first time and though ambiguosly described as a person they might better be avoiding, decide to pay a visit. The decision also isn’t unanimous - one of them (Pious or Artie, I think) was quite against it and the girls were rsther hesitant… It was Viktor who bulled the decision to visit the local boss through.

It went from character to character saying the exact same line, something along the lines of ‘find Mama’ or ‘I’m in’, it was as close to unanimous as the definition of the word goes. Which is completely against how it happened in the earlier story.

And even if you somehow manage to slip it in… again by definition - the story is completely out of whack. Which is what I said to begin with.

Just wait for the one where they actually confront Mama - that will show they are parallel timelines (I’m sure Scopely will be daft enough to accidentally make such a thing)

I agree this was weird and confusing.

I think he’s confused because Bear 1 happens after DC 10 - in DC 10, the Artie Party decides to stay away from New Orleans and from Mama.

But then during Bear 1 and 2, they meet a survivor (who I also thought was in DC) after Imani joined them in New Orleans…they then decide to pay Mama a visit but are told to stay clear.

I agree that the plot holes are numerous.

Also, for those you who gloss over the story and binge Netflix as you play, you miss out on some fun gems like:


My current fave atm: