The flag wars are getting ridiculous now. Posts are being flagged just for fun. #StopTheFlaggingWars


Wish they would just remove the feature until the trolls leave.


I wish they’d just ban the trolls…


Trolls war on the weekend


I say the say things as everyone else and my threads get locked over some shit I didn’t even do like wtf why can’t they just ban the flag happy mofos on here ?


It is all about who you are on the forum. Personal vendettas and such. Someone could say the same thing I would say and be fine, but just because I say the same thing as someone else, I would get the flag because I am me. I am just assuming but it is personal vendettas. You say something that someone doesn’t like and they will be sure to follow you around threads and flagging stuff that you say. I wish it would come to an end because it has been old from the start and childish to flag everything and anything you do not agree with.


All I do is bash scopely and its associates for their fuckery like they steal your money and those same people defend them like it gives em a check does that make any sense ? I mean to each their own it’s whatever tough crowd I guess


not everyone wants to be in a bad mood every day and some people are f2p and not upset with the company in any way but think they could be doing some things different. Maybe check the guidelines and see if you are breaking any of the rules, and maybe try to be a little more optimistic instead of angry daily and trying to rub your misery off on other people. Not everyone wants to be miserable daily and get to a point where they get tired of hearing too much complaining or the same things being said over and over just in different ways. They haven’t stole my money, and I do defend them from time to time. I get nothing out of defending them, but what do you get out of bashing scopely and its associates? Nothing in the same way as I get nothing.


I’ll stop bashing scopely when they finally address me woman to woman and explain why tf they do they shit they do and listen to the gaming community and make the game great cause it’s sucking balls now


I think the moderators have to approve Flags for the post to be hidden. So come Monday when Mods are active again, they go thru the flagged posts And decide which ones should actually be hidden.


I doubt that players are flagging you for bashing scopely. If that’s really all you are doing and u get flagged, it’s probably just a mod trying to censor you.


It actually doesn’t work like that. You can google discourse forum flag system and they have a write up on it. My memory isn’t the best, but either 3 or 5 flags on a post from unique users causes it to be hidden. Once it hits a dozen or so, it causes the thread to be temporarily closed.

My guess would be flagging came back as certain members who draw flags did or everyone was focused on war, instead of here.


Or just allow flagging after an amount of time beeing here and other conditions.


If that’s really the case that mod need to speak to me woman to woman I shouldn’t get censored for speaking real shit isn’t that wtf this forum is for ?