Stop with the roadmaps that take dumps on your own player base /laopo

This is low asf
Are you 12 what company goes haha look at this toon that gonna shit on. You
Its just unacceptable and needs to be stopped that’s all that needs to. Be said
Amyway on to laopo and how she isn’t op
Now yes you may be like oh no new s class we all ded but compared to priya and Pete she really is tame (which is a good thing don’t you dare silent buff her) yes she could reduce to just a as to hit with with her rush however that is only potential
Because 99% of rts by now has Impair resist
She will shut down your actives but she needs her rush for that unlike priya who can shit down a active turn 1 gaurennteed
And for how powerful her rush can be it is 85 ap it would take some time to get there
So in terms of kit and lead skill it’s all. Gucci shes reasonable balenced imo
Now her active may scare you so I’ll have to some exhaust explanation.
So exhaust is simply this formula
X * x%
Basically if I have 225 exhaust and I gain 100% ap I receive 2250 maim
Howeber isnt going to mean you can run a traditional t1 with 8% because your only gonna get maimed when they apply exhaust
Which basically means if you got Marlon or axel your not doomed if your wepon triggers before exhaust however if your axel and your wepon triggers twice during exhaust you will die (most likely)
Even then it’s only affecting ap% so when you think about you can still use the good ol 8% knifes and if you got it recently the 20% wachowski
That really sends your f2p t1 skyrocketing
Exhaust is meh and relies on there being a toon who gives %based ap
Laopo is balenced (strangely)
And scopley needs to stop with this new flex maps (because that’s low asf)


This map is super easy, just dont press auto. dont see the problem here at all

Maybe he means it’s insulting and a direct contradiction to scopely “promises”?


^this ^^ ^^^^^^^ (7)


They never intended to keep those promises. Same as Albert’s letter. It was all lips service to get people spending again. Same as the PC why it’s filled with disgruntled spenders. That’s Scopley’s base. Get them happy and get them spending. Nothing has changed if you are FTP.
Legacies are crap, promos are OP and if you ain’t on top you don’t matter. Talk is cheap and so far it’s all been cheap ass talk.


Maybe but the pc just started and I doubt they are happy with the s class rollout. I don’t disagree with your theory on what scopely tactics may be, but I know (many, maybe most, of us do) several people on the pc and while they may have been spenders, and may be disgruntled, they also are passionate about improving this game for everyone and deserve respect for trying imo.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about - we’ve had new recruit roadmaps at least since Bruce well over a year ago, and in particular for new mechanics they can be quite helpful, because they can be difficult to figure out.

A lot of people don’t run impair resist, because you can only have two resist mods, and some people even prefer an extra stat. And she’s a melee lead, so you definitely need stun resist. But yeah, that part is in principle straightforward to counter.

Did the brucw roadmaps
Go hahaook this toon shots on this toon they didn’t
There’s a diff between old get to know roadmaps and the newerones
The new ones absolute shite on you

Can you be a bit more explicit? Is it that they take a more explanatory tone? I did find that a bit unusual with the Bide map, but it wouldn’t be something I get mad about.

I’m not sounding funny but you would not do well in buisness
Shitteing on customers = bad
If roadmap was like Bruce for example not bad that’s fine you can test the charector
Hiwber when the testing roadmap is just a massive flex on the community its really just wrong on many levels and extremely bad for buisness
Dr stevans being absolutely pooped on isn’t really helping explain any mechanics or helping you is it
If this is allowed then it won’t be long til we get one of theese that shits on a f2p toon
Which would be just as disrespectful
And probably be the last straw for most

“shitteing on customers” and “massive flex”? I still don’t get what you mean.

Is it that they say that this character is good against Stevens (instead of, I don’t know, letting players figure it out for themselves)? Is it that they release a new character that is good against Stevens (I could see that if you spend a lot for him, but that doesn’t really have to do anything with the roadmap)? Is it that they made a tame pun on Stevens? I really don’t get it.

Best roadmap they did that was a big FUCK YOU players was the one that just said “bleep bloop boo” for the characters.
That was the best!



Everyone on the PC is going to have to be in lockstep with Scopely’s choices. Just look at Kalishane and JB, they’re drones for the system, and now your little friends on the PC are too.

My friends aren’t little!

Mysterion always types in Cardi B language

Bane is a tiny, tiny man.

I know. Surprised JB has lasted this long.

When you can get paid to troll the community and get away with it. Why would he ever leave?